Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feel The Love

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a bit of a yucky birthday for a number of reasons--one of which is, I'm odd. Well, I know I am odd. But, now I'm an odd number. 37. I don't like odd numbers. This is probably #18 on the list of things that are weird about me (and this list ranges into the three digit numbers). I really have a strong dislike for the odd numbers. I could give a cornucopia of examples to this fact, but then it would just make me look even weirder than I already am.

As soon as I open my eyes on my birthday, I can feel it. I'm odd. So sad. And to think, I have to live with this oddness for a whole year. I wonder how I will make it--buy eating more cupcakes of course. Just looking at the frosting makes me giddy.

Todd bought me 12 different cupcakes from a specialty bake shop!

My mom bought me 8 of these extra large (they serve them with a fork) cupcakes.

The girls I work with in primary brought me 6 of these.

Grand total of cupcakes=26! Feel the love and bask in the goodness. My year of being odd is definitely off to a good start.


Simpson Family said...

Happy Birthday LIS!Take a bite of the chocolately cupcake and think of me! Here's to being odd, because you make odd look wonderful! Love and miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

So my question is... Did you eat those all in one day? I can't imagin you would throw those out!!??

Edwin and Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! That is a lot of cupcakes. Enjoy!

Kerri said...

So, since you got so many did you share? Oh, that's right...you don't share dessert!

The Kikuchi's said...

That is a SERIOUS amoung of frosting! You are going to be on a sugar high for days! But who am I kidding, like that is anything new!

Okay people are now leaving comments on my blog talking about your blog! I told you your fans have a voice!

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! Those cupcakes look divine. I hope you got to enjoy each and every one!!

Tillia said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, if you have to have a birthday I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with 26 cupcakes