Friday, March 20, 2015

I Take It All Back

Listen. Let's have a reality check. M'kay? You know all those words I sprinkled everywhere yesterday about beauty and spending time with a sick child? Yah. Today that's all crap. No more glamour. Let's just lay it all out. Having kids home for days in a row is torture of the finest degree. For the love.

It's day 3 of sickness. That's 3 days of me catering and entertaining and cleaning up after. That's 3 days of stuff I haven't been able to get done. A mother's patience can only last so long. Am I right? Geez. Let's be done with this routine, shall we?

If you're anything like me and near the end of your rope, I have some reading for you to do. Call it entertainment, distraction or excellent time management.

Because right now, at this very second, Child #3 is painting a piece of wood on the kitchen table. And before you ask, yes, I keep extra wood laying around in the garage. I'm that desperate for her to be busy with something. Anything! For the last hour she has begged me to make a giant gummy bear. Wood will have to suffice.

Read it and weep:

How to do a messy hair bun. This tutorial is awesome. I've tried it, and it works! Yes, my life has been reduced to watching hair tutorials. No big thang.

A Guide To Excusable Reasons For Early School Dismissal.
Flat out hilarious and on point. Print this letter and post it on your fridge. My sister sent me this link and it came and the perfect moment. Beware, there's cussing involved. It makes it all the richer.

And Here's Something I Want To Make. Except with the number 5. I'll let you know if I attempt it. I'm scrounging around for the energy to get to it.

Have a great weekend, friends.
May all your children remain healthy.
Say it with me....For the love.

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volumizing powder...who knew?