Thursday, February 5, 2015

You Were Made For This

We are knee deep in musical production. Well, "we" is a loose term. It's more of a "she". Final performances are this weekend. And it's hard to believe that the constant and endless work will come to a close. Months of it. She said she's rather sad to see it all end.

I watched her on stage last Friday. Opening night comes with it's own kind of excitement. I had a general idea of where and when she would be up there. But nothing specific. And just like always, I was drawn to her. Always searching her out in every scene. My soul calmed once my eyes locked on her tight.

And when she sings. Oh, when she sings. I can hear her above everyone else. Every. Single. Time. My entire everything can zero in and hear her clear as day. It's like my heart finds her before my eyes do. I'd like to think that's the way it's supposed to be.

"She was made for this. Right here. Right now. This very thing. She was made just for this." That's what I think when I watch her. This is where she was always meant to be. At this time in her life. It's a rather exciting thing to witness.

And at the very same moment, it all makes me wonder, "What were you born to do? Right here. Right now. What were you made for?" And I have to think that just as I am acutely attuned to this beautiful child of mine on stage, so is the Lord so finely aware of each of His children walking around on earth.

What does He think when He sees us? Does He hear our voice and think "She is doing all that I created her to do."? Does He scan through the crowd at any given moment until His heart finds ours? Just to check in and make sure all is well? Maybe. Probably. It's enough to give me pause and make my thoughts tumble around the idea of it all.

Because He's a parent just like I am. He hopes and He loves just as fervently as I do. That means something. It means something powerful. There is someone there who loves you more than you can imagine. In all the ways we get it right. And wrong. That's all kinds of epic. No?

Are you doing what you were created to do? Not the monumental, big stuff. Just the stuff of ordinary days. The ones that produce extraordinary moments. That's where our living needs to be. Knee deep in the production. On the stage and in the scene.

Let's take our cue from this beautiful daughter (whose stage name is Lenore). Let's live and breathe our truth. Let's work for it. Hard and non-stop. Let's find our groove and move. Because this, right here, right now, is our time. To find the good. To Be. In all the ways He made us. Let's step into the light and shine.

Just like He intended all along.

You were made for this.

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Debbi said...

I don't just like this I love it. It touched my soul thank you Lisa!