Friday, February 20, 2015

Make Waves

Y'all, I'm in a pickle. Thick inside it. And it's my fault I'm here. I just can't find a way out. It's starting to make me edgier than I usually am. That's really saying somethin'.

My brain is in a funk. Am I the only one who does this? You set yourself into a downward spiral of thinking, and you just can't stop it. I'm there. Like, at the bottom pit section. I can see the trail of thinking that got me there. I just can't see the trail to think my way out of it.

Because I believe we have this tendency to berate ourselves. To let our inner voice take over the chant that we're all things failure. We're not doing it right. Any of it. So often that's the only voice that rings clear as day. And we let it. Why? Because failure is an easy default. Somehow we convince ourselves that's the only place we're worthy to be.

But what if it's not? What if failure is the comfortable way to coast? Because surely being stellar comes with a price tag of action and accountability. That road looks downright exhausting. So, believing we aren't good enough let's us settle deep in for the ride. It lets us mingle without having to make waves. No?

But, here's the truth. We were made for making waves. You were. And so was I. And every day, every. single. day., we wake up being good enough. In all the ways, in all the things, we are good enough. And just right. No matter how loud we let our inner voice, or anyone else really, tell us otherwise.

Because this, right here, is the real ebb and flow. The fine print details. Sure, we get a whole lot wrong. But holy heavens, there is so much we get right. Let's take note of that too. OK?

So, if you find yourself in a pickle, know that tomorrow you begin again. A new start. A new good enough kind of day. One that you'll fail a little and succeed a lot. It just may look differently from mine to yours. And that's OK too.

Make waves. In your own way. At your own pace. Just like you were meant to.

Kinda sounds stellar already.

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Pamjoc49 said...

I needed to hear this tonight! You don't know how much of a failure I've been feeling the last few days! You hit the nail on the head! I really enjoyed reading this tonight!