Friday, February 27, 2015

The Random What Nots. I Mean, Way Random

I have a secret to tell you. Well, it's not so much a secret as it is a confession. Ready? I'm {this} close to joining Instagram. For reals. I've just been thinking about it lately. Maybe yes, maybe no. I'm not quite there yet.

You should see the reactions I get when someone finds out I'm not anywhere on social media. It's such a foreign thing. Yes, I know. So many things make me weird. That's just one of the nuggets.

But really real. I'm thinking about Instagram. From the outside looking in, it seems interesting. I just can't decide if I need one more thing to be obsessed about in my life. I'll keep you posted.



The Baby Child got a Wubble.

Ya'll. This is the craziest thing. It's like a ball, that's supposed to be a bubble, but really feels like a giant eyeball. We. Are. Riveted. All of us. There is no joy like bouncing a huge ball/bubble off your child's face. Try it. I insist.


My crockpot is 20 years old. This little fact bothers me. For reasons unknown. It was one of the first things The Husband and I got together as a married couple. And now, it has a wobbly leg and the edge is cracked. 20 years old! How on earth did that happen?

The crockpot is as old as my marriage. Is there a metaphor in there somewhere? Maybe? You start out sturdy and shiny and new. And you just keep on ticking along. Keep doing the thing you were always meant to do. Even with cracked edges and wobbly legs. Am I right?

I clearly need some kind of caffeinated beverage.
A large one.


Do you remember awhile back when I had a hissy fit that the Baby Child would not, would not!, watch The Bachelor with Child #2? Do you remember how I lost all control and the Baby Child watched it anyway? Man, that's just the truth of my parenting life. I have good intentions but never good end results.

Well, guess what? The whole stinkin' family is now watching The Bachelor. I'm not even messin' with ya. The. Whole. Entire. Family. It just evolved. We all just started gathering around the glorious TV while it was on. And now? We. Are. In. It. Like, all the way. You should have seen us this week. Shocked. All of us. Crushed. Hearts broken. Minutes away from tears. We just couldn't believe who he sent home. For legit.

We have reached a new low.

Child #2 now claims that she can "Bring her people together".

Have a straight up awesome weekend.
I may read a parenting book. Or twelve.
Not really. Once you're on a downward slide, you might as well ride it out.
Peace Out.

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