Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Right Now Looks Like

Right here, right now. What does your life look like?
Mine? It feels like a jumbled hot mess. Normal, right?

On a whim, because I like to torment myself, I've been looking at "All things Fall" on Pinterest. I live in a place that the weatherman claims, "feels like 104 degrees". I can't imagine colored leaves falling from trees. Or sweaters. So, I look longingly at autumn online. I'm weird. This I know.

I was looking for a shirt. In Daughter #1's closet. And she has things piled all willy nilly. I couldn't tell what I was looking at. So, I maybe, sorta, pulled everything onto the floor. And guess what? I still couldn't find the shirt I was hunting for.

Her reaction to this mess was not very pleasant. I told her she should really change her tone. Because honestly, I did her a favor. Now she can refold them one by one and remember how many great shirts she has. My kindness is cloaked in crazy.

Yesterday I had to hunt at 2 different stores for specific, requested school supplies. I loathe doing this. I try my darnedest to buy tons of extra everything before school starts. I've been doing this school thing for awhile, and I pretty much know what's on the horizon. My ire gets all sorts of irked when I have to continually go back to the store after school begins.

When Child #2 came home yesterday and I handed over her needed planner, she looked at me and said, "Oh. I didn't think you would actually go to the store today. Because I still need a 5 subject notebook."

For. The. Love.
Cue the Silent Treatment.

Here's the random last bit of my right here, right now:

1. Caramel Apple Oreos. I bought them yesterday. I'll let you know if they're a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

2. I currently have 2,135 photos on my phone. For legit. I know (from The Husband's lectures) that I need to hook it up to the computer and download and blah, blah, blah. That man can drone on and on about backups and "The Cloud" and all that techie stuff. It's all nonsense.  This is the very stuff he does for a living. In my mind, that means anything relating AT ALL to technology, is his job. I mean seriously, I've got crafts to make! Sheesh.

3. Speaking of downloads, my Kindle has 394 books on it. Raise your hands in the air for that awesomeness! And this is a super old Kindle. No fancy touch screen. I call it my "Vintage" Kindle. Antique, maybe?

4. My closet has become "A Situation". For heavens sake, I've taught organizing classes. And now I can hardly walk in my closet. The level of ridiculous is pretty high. Too bad I can't shove all that stuff up into "The Cloud".

I hope you are enjoying your right here, right now. No matter what it looks like. My advice? Don't pull all the shirts out of your daughter's closet. It doesn't end well.

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Candy said...

My life, yup, summed up in a nutshell! Oh, I soooooo needed this today! Thanks cuz!