Sunday, August 24, 2014

The End And Beginning Of Lists

I make a Summer List every year. You know this about me. But this summer? I was this close to NOT making one. Because I asked my people, "What should we put on our Summer List this year?" And they all starred at me for a few seconds, then returned to texting on their phones.

So, I almost gave up. So very unlike me. But, I'm getting older which means there is less and less I actually care about. Truly. I can probably use one hand to count the things that really matter enough to me to expend any energy. Puzzles are one of them. I'll let you guess the last 4.

I did make a Summer List sometime in June and slapped it up on the fridge. Much to my surprise, we have accomplished most of it. We took a day last week (because my sister forced me) to tackle quite a few items.

This is the last of the list, my friends. School begins tomorrow morning. I can feel the giddiness starting to seep into my bones already. When the last child steps on the bus, I may just fall right over into hysterics. For totes legit.

Here's the last of our summer....

Every year I attempt to make taffy with my kids. Every stinkin' year. It has never, ever worked out. So, it's become a tradition to see how badly I can fail at this task. One year it was so gooey, Baby Child shook her hands to try and get it off and flung taffy all over the kitchen. I used my outside voice that day.

But this year? Say to the what?! Perfection! It was a low humidity day here on the center of the sun, that's all I have to explain why it worked. So, we pulled taffy and ate a bunch more. It was delightful.

We covered the driveway in chalk. It was seriously fun. And again, I remind you of where we live. The center of the sun. It is just that hot. And Baby Child is wearing jeans. I have no earthly idea why.

And a shaving cream war. Good gracious, this was entertainment at it's finest.

Somewhere during our Tackle-The-Summer-List day, Child #2 decided to see if she could fit herself into the freezer. Once she discovered she was too big, she put the Angel Baby inside.

A few days later, much to my family's joy, they all went boating. Without me. I opted to stay home alone. For an entire 12 hours. Best. Day. Ever!!

And speaking of lists...
Child #1 turns 18 in a few weeks. She has decided to make a list of all the things she will now be allowed to do with her new, legal age.
She has informed me that she can smoke, vote and get a tattoo. Unfortunately, she can no longer "sleep" with anyone that's under the age of 18. ( I've been informed that "sleeping" means fully clothed while holding hands and falling asleep in an open, public place.) There you go.

I hope all your list dreams have come true this summer.
Tomorrow is the real deal. Game on.

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