Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Double Shots

I have some sad news. The Favorite Baby Child is losing her title. I knew it was coming. I've watched it slowly happen. I might cry real tears at some point. I mean, this isn't my first rodeo. But, still. I held a little hope.

I also knew that she needed her 12 year old booster shots. I can nary explain the vehemence this girl feels towards needles. I asked The Husband to stay home today and go with me as backup. He walked away at my request. What a turd.

So I took the 15 year old instead. Not the brightest of ideas. Considering that she decided to demonstrate what shots feel like. And for extra measure, she punched her sister as well. Good times in that little doctor's office.
I will admit I may have threatened #3 that I would break her phone (and maybe her body) if she didn't get it together and calm down. Good grief I could write a parenting manual.

And just for kicks, because summer is so awesome, this is what happens when The Not-So-Favorite Baby Child decides not to take her meds:
Things get real crazy, real fast. And they stay that way. It's off the chain. Why isn't there a reality show that shows what goes on around here? For holy geez, it's nuts. Just 5 minutes ago, this child asked me if I could buy her some liquid nitrogen. For really reals. She told me she would use her own money to pay for it. Uh huh.

And on the flip side, Child #1 is reaching her 18th year of birth in a couple of weeks. She begged and pleaded for her best friend to fly in and spend the week. You already know I'm a parent that tries to buy her children's love, so her wish was granted. It was one amazing, fun-filled week. Lots of laughter. Lots of joy.
It was a curious thing to notice how many more teenage boys started hanging out at my house. Who knew that one beautiful girl from Kentucky could draw such a crowd. Oh, and just so you know, teenagers like to eat. A lot. Imagine their surprise when they realize all I stock up on is candy bars.

Along with my candy obsession, is my decorating/craft obsession. My sister is redoing 2 bedrooms for the twins. So, of course that means that I take over her project and do everything the way I want it done. My way is the best way. Life motto.

Don't you wish you were getting an epic canvas like the Angel Baby? While painting this, one of my own kids asked if I would paint a canvas quote for their room. I simply snorted. Pah-Leeze.

School is just around the corner.
Double wishes all around. I may pull out all my eyelashes before then, but make it I shall. Join me.

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