Monday, April 21, 2014

How We Do The Bunny Day

I have good intentions when it comes to Easter.
Every year.
I truly do.

But then I go to the store, and the candy goodness sucks me in.
The Peeps. Oh, The Peeps.
I speak your name with reverence.

And I consider, for 1.3 milliseconds, switching it up. In this house, we have scads of candy. Miles and miles of it. On a daily basis. So, every Easter I get this twitch of an idea to put vegetables in their baskets. Carrots, broccoli, maybe a zucchini (I honestly bet it's been years since I bought broccoli). I would probably put in a lovely container of Ranch dip, just because I'm awesome like that.

But then......
You know.....
The Peeps {sigh}
And the Reese's Bunny the size of my hand {tears of joy}

So, candy it is. So. Much. Candy.
Now that everyone is in school today, I want to lay on the floor and cover myself with it all. But I won't. Maybe.

Child #3 was kind enough to type up an "Easter List". She spent hours on it. First, she texted it to me. When I rolled my eyes at her, she upped her game. She spent an hour making a colored coded list and then posted it by the phone.

At one point she had "Redo my room" on the list. Obviously she realized that was a little extravagant for an Easter basket, and removed that item. And it was way super nice of her to give the Easter Bunny the option of black OR gray Toms. Such a sweet girl.

I left the egg dying up to my sister. Anything labor intensive, messy, or in any way difficult, I try to pawn off on her. Works nearly every time. Best sister ever. And we will NOT discuss the fact that Angel Baby is sitting near the edge of the counter and could fall off any minute.

While waiting for the bus this morning with Child #3, I confessed to her that I'm a terrible mother. I explained that I focused way too much on candy instead of focusing on the Savior and His sacrifice for us. You know, the actual real reason for Easter.

Her response? "Oh, you're totally a good mom. We talked about that stuff really quick in the car, on the way to church."


Make sure you eat a Peep today.
Or seven.

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