Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Find Your Focus

In my past life, I was a drill team competition judge. You didn't know? I rarely speak of it, because the irony that none of my daughters is a dancer causes me physical pain. But, now you know. I was a judge. For years and years.

It's interesting the skills you develop when critiquing a dance team. You sit high above the floor to get an aerial view of everything. And your focus is broad. It's not pinpoint precision on a single dancer, it's more of a wide, sweeping view. It's the only way to see unity and timing. Does that make sense?

I've  realized something over the last several weeks. I use that same kind of focus with my life. I keep a broad, sweeping view. I try to see everything and everyone, all at once. I try to keep all the schedules, problems, due dates, worries and needs in full, aerial view in my mind. At all times.

It can't be done. Not well, at least. And not without personal cost to sanity. Because one mother is only ever one mother. She isn't meant to take it all in and hold it there, while keeping a level focus. Because at times, the spectrum is too vast to manage. Even when we think we should.

That doesn't mean the 'To Do' list gets any shorter or life becomes less hectic. Those only seem to grow over time. But your focus doesn't have to grow right along with it. It doesn't have to be broad and sweeping. It doesn't have to see, and manage and solve it all. It simply has to narrow it's gaze onto what really matters.

Some nights, dinner may just have to be cereal. And some weeks, laundry may just take a while to come clean. In the end, those things just really don't matter. And neither does a majority of the never-ending tasks we worry about. It's all about perspective. This week, I've decided to find mine.  I suggest you find yours too. It just might make your load feel a little lighter. That's worth the effort any day.

Find your focus.
And hold it there.

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cindy said...

You are brilliant oxox