Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stellar Parenting Moments For The Week

Do you ever look back on the previous week and realize that you might need one or two parenting classes? Somehow this seems to happen to me every week. Normally, I blame the children. Tonight, I'm simply owning the fact that I just might be less than a stellar parent. Way less.

Here are the highlights for the week (the ones I haven't yet erased from my memory). I should find some shame in my behavior. But, I just don't. That's the first sign that I might be slightly crazy.

I told Child #2 to "Shut up".

I tell my kids not to say those words, but I couldn't keep them from slipping through my mouth. She just wouldn't stop talking. And it was at the tail end of a loooonnnnng day. I asked her to stop. Several times. She ignored me.

So, I looked straight into her eyes and told her to "Shut. Up". I even said it slowly and with emphasis. After she got over her shock, she told me I hurt her feelings. My response? "Good. Maybe you will stop talking for longer now."


I told Child #1 I would "Chop off her head".

She was begging for food not 5 minutes within me cleaning up the kitchen. During summer days, all I do is make and clean up food for the people who live here. So, this particular night, I told her "No". She picked up the intensity of her whining. I simply stared at her and said, "How about I chop off your head and feed you that?"

Her response: "Duh mom. Then I wouldn't be able to eat it."


In the midst of a heated battle with Child #3, she told me that "I didn't care about or love anyone in our family." I told her she was right. Just to fuel her anger.


No less than 2 hours ago, I had to tell the 12 year old that she couldn't stand on top of the car any more. She was disgusted with me.


Child #2 has "accidentally" started calling my sister, 'Mom'.
Yup. That's awesome.

I hope you had a stellar week, I know I did.


Eric and Amy said...

I'm secretly laughing b/c I have had these EXACT situations happen to me ... well aside from the car one ... we aren't there yet! Isn't be a mom so fabulous!!! You have a wee baby and think life is so magical ... and it is. But then they learn to walk and talk, and well, sometimes being a mom isn't so magical afterall :).

Rachelle Woolley said...

This makes me happy!! :)

Quelly said...

I must admit that would call your sister mom too. Perhaps you should think about it - if you could get all of your kids to call her mom you wouldn't have to be in charge any more.

Your word verification is making me type in the word cooter. hmn.