Saturday, July 16, 2011

Exhausted Thoughts

I just realized that it's Saturday. I had forgotten what day of the week we were on. The last couple of days have felt non-stop. I thought summer was supposed to be filled with long, lazy, carefree days. I think I missed the meeting where that was discussed.


Todd has been out of town. (Sidenote: is that why these last few days have been packed full of crazy?) He has eaten his way through all the restaurants that I have craved for 4 years. And he has visited people I love. It all makes my heart hurt to think about.


Summer has officially kicked my butt. I have reached my peak level of sanity. Every sibling war or "That's not fair"/ "I'm bored" declaration makes my insides scrunch up tight. I'm on the verge of endless scratching at my skin and high pitched screaming. The verge, people. I'm serious.


I discovered a coupon for $10 free on a purchase at Kohls. Its been sitting in my wallet for weeks. I found it today. It expires tonight. Free money. And guess what? I was too tired to go and spend it. That's just sad.


An unnamed child spilled ice cream in my car. Thus, I had to pull out the mats and clean them. I had 74 things to do last night, but instead I sat outside in the humid heat and scrubbed ice cream off the van mats. I left them out overnight. Today they remain soaked through and now they smell like mildew. Can I throw them away? Do you really need mats?


Child #2 lost her LAST tooth. I want to grab her and hold her tight so that she won't grow up too fast. It all speeds by too quickly.


Enjoy your weekend. Um, what's left of it. I'm hoping to find somewhere quiet to sit. I hold out little hope for that happening. I hope you have better luck.


Anonymous said...

So Todd ended up going to utah w/o you girls? That's hard to know where he is and who he's with. Madi asks me everyday when we can go back.
Wade is leaving this week for Wisconsin. I'm dying to have this decision made.

Quelly said...

I would totally take your girls for a week - it would be so good for me. I know that it would help me appreciate being single and childless.

Shannon said...

would loved to have seen him. next time you come and you better call us!! know how you feel - imagine having six - might make you feel (a little) better.