Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Summer Wreath?

I decided to make a paper wreath. I had an altered version in my head based off of something I'd seen in blogland. I used a wreath form and scrapbook paper I had on hand. It took much longer than anticipated and I burned off the tips of my fingers, but at least it's finished.

I can't decide if it looks like a fun, summer wreath or a scrapbook store that got food poisoning and vomited in a circle. Maybe I'll let you decide:

I started by cutting an endless amount of scalloped circles using my (I mean, my sister's) Cricut. I varied the sizes. I used scrapbook paper as well as book pages.

I also added a ruffled edge on the back with felt. I simply cut the felt into strips and scrunched/hot glued as I went.

Layer, layer and layer your circles. I folded them into a cone shape and bent the end as I hot glued it on. This part takes for-ev-ah! I did little bits over a couple of days.

To fill in any extra space, I cut out stacks of felt circles. I used the bottom of a tomato paste can as a guide. I wanted them to be small enough not to cover up the paper.

I placed the eraser end of a pencil in the center of the felt circle and scrunched (a technical term) the felt around it. I placed hot glue on the end and then used the pencil to guide it into the nooks and crannies of the wreath. It helps to fluff out the wreath and cover any blank spots.

Once it's finished, you can sit back and ice your finger tips while you wonder if you spend way too much time on craft projects.


Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! Will you make me one?? There is no way I'm ever going to do that myself. maybe in a few years when all my kids are in school and I'm finally a "Lady of Leisure!"

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Hello, I'm Laura said...

What an adorable wreath ~ I love it!

Have a Happy Labor Day!