Sunday, May 16, 2010

She Is Odd Too

She is 8 years younger than me. She is also more carefree, a glass is half full kind of person. I, on the other hand, always see life as more than half empty. When I look at her, I can remember convincing her to eat dog food when she was a toddler. I'm just that sweet of a sister.

Today is her birthday, so I'm doing what I do best--putting my words in print. She too is now an odd number. I thought that by publicly talking about her, it might cheer her up. Again, I repeat, I'm a way sweet sister.

Top 10 things you should know about her:
  • She has used chapstick on her nose. On purpose.
  • She can make a car alarm sound with her voice. It's truly frightening.
  • She has difficulty with the English language, particularly with the words: liberry (library), costchume (costume) and krahn (crayon).
  • She once offered a homeless woman a loaf of bread. The woman threw it in the street. Emily retrieved it and took it home to toast it up. I'm completely serious. I can't even make this stuff up.
  • When she was growing up, my brother would sing a song to her about a beached whale, every day.
  • She is convinced her tongue is too big for her mouth.
  • She is the only person on the planet who hates, and I mean hates, gum. She chewed a piece of bubble gum just to get Makell to promise not to throw any more tantrums. The experience nearly killed her.
  • She is a very patient mom. I watch her in awe.
  • She is convinced that she saw a penguin. In Houston. On the golf course. Oh yes, I kid you not.
  • Over the last year and a half, she has faced many life altering trials. She has walked through challenges that I never dreamed possible. And through it all, she has shown great personal courage and integrity. She has become a hero, and set an example I will forever try to reach.
She is fun, spontaneous, and kind. All the things I long to be (in a very scheduled and structured manner, of course). She is also the favorite. It's a proven fact, much to my dismay. And why wouldn't she be? Not everyone has the intelligence to see a penguin in Texas. I can't even compete with that.

Happy Birthday to the sister I love and adore.


Taryn said...

Sisters Rock!Happy Birthday Emily, I am sooo glad your sister divulged this information. What golf course... I'm on my way?

Raquel said...

Emily was my mom's favorite child too. I would hate and resent her if she wasn't so nice and so dang funny.
I want to be Emily when I grow up.

Jackie said...

OH! The two of you make me wish I had a sister.


Anonymous said...

What an odd couple the two of you make! Happy birthday

Jenn said...

Oh and she also gave me a black eye the night before Kirk's wedding...after she made the car alarm sound for a boy I was trying to impress. The boy never came back. I love her.

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Happy birthday Emily! You are the best! I think I need to come visit!

Becky Leland said...


Diane said...

Oh that was sweet. Happy Birthday

Erin said...

THAT is funny stuff. Only sisters can get away with divulging this kind of information to the public. Love it!

Amanda said...

This post is very sweet. You are both amazing women! I miss you all and happy late birthday!