Sunday, June 21, 2009


Father's Day has become an altogether different day for me. It's a day where I long to call and hear the voice that brings me home. Yet, I can not call. I can not send a card. And so I think. I think of all the lessons I have absorbed over the years.

Because of my father, I have learned various things: football is sacred, peanut butter and jelly taste better mixed together, Rolaids and duct tape are always the answer, you should never miss a day of work and loving your family and serving the Lord is always, always the path to travel.

When I was a freshman in high school, I went shopping for my first prom dress. My mom and I went to store after store and tried on dress after dress. I fell in love with a white, strapless dress. I felt mature and beautiful, older than my years. After a modesty discussion with my mom, we went home without a dress. I persisted, and a few days later I returned to the store with my dad. I modeled the dress. He remained silent and told me that we needed to think about it.

The following morning I woke up to find a note in my bathroom. It was from my dad. He spoke to me of being a righteous daughter of God. He expressed his concern that my choice of dress might not reflect my own ability to remember who I am. And I knew he was right. I bought the pink dress with lots of ruffles instead.

'Remember Who You Are' still rings in my ears. He said it to us continually. I think he tried to put a little more strength into those words as we headed out the door with teenage friends or dates. And he even said them when I was choosing a prom dress.

The lessons my dad has taught me are endless. Some more colorful than others. But the one that seems to stick the most is 'remember who you are'. So today, on Father's Day, that it what I shall do. I shall remember you. And in that memory, I can so vividly see who I really am. I will always remember. It is written on the bracelet I wear, it gives life to the voice in my mind and it is forever etched in my soul.

Happy Father's Day dad. I live my life to be with you again.


Anonymous said...

I cried. Yes, I think your Dad would like us all to remember who we are. What a wonderful legacy to be known for, and what a special man to remember. We all strive to be able to be with him someday too- the best company!

Anonymous said...

A great dad is such a pricless gift!

Christy said...


Edwin and Rebecca said...

I love getting together with you all and hearing stories about your Dad. Such an awesome person. I was thinking of your family yesterday.

Rani said...

Tear-jerker. Thanks for sharing. Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Evan taught all of us wonderful lessons. What a guy! We sure miss him.

--- Linda

Becky Leland said...

Thank you!!! I remember Evan and his advice - a special and fun big brother! I love him!!!

love y'all too!