Friday, June 12, 2009

All Things New

Texas is a fascinating place to live. It's like its own little country with its own vibe and happenings. I'm in awe of anything that is new or unusual to me. Frogs climbing on my back door or living in my wreath--amazing. Watching squirrels run through my back yard, across the fence and up the tree all. day. long.--oh ya, I'm stunned.

There is a large empty corner just down from my neighborhood. It's one of the hot spots in town. Apparently, any entrepreneur can pull up a truck and start selling their goods wholesale. The first item to show up were beds-in-a-bag. Crazy fascinating. Then the lamps made out of tree limbs arrived a few weeks later, followed by large, framed art. Just last week slot machines appeared. Oh yes--slot machines. They're not full-size. Just mini versions. They will fit so much better in the family room that way. Todd told me he can't decide between the Miller Light or the Budweiser jackpot. He's still tossing around his options.

The things which I find most fascinating are those which I never, EVER thought I would see. This is my absolute favorite:

It's an add that is printed in the local paper for the city we live in. A small, cute newspaper. There isn't a whole lot I find interesting in this paper, except for this add. I hunt for it every month and I'm never disappointed. I've always known that Jesus saves, I just didn't ever associate that fact with concrete.

Texans are a religious bunch. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves the Lord. They pray before football games and they tell you how old they were when they found Jesus. Until I moved here, I never knew He was lost. I've always known where He is, I guess some people just take longer to figure it out.

One of the things I love, love, love is when the checker at the grocery store tells me to have a 'blessed day'. I think its the cutest thing ever! It even has a little extra meaning when the checker has a gold plated front tooth with a cross engraved in the center. Who knew your faith could be enlarged while buying groceries. Mmm hmm.

A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me that some of the things that I have always found so fascinating, are starting to appear quite common to me. I really don't find it unusual to see large ceramic pots and frogs for sale on the side of the road. Nor do I take a second glance at the huge store sign announcing which guns are for sale. Maybe that means I'm becoming more Texan. Who knows, we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I've got to rearrange some furniture to make room for the new slot machine. Right after I unpack my new bed-in-a-bag.


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Kerri said...


One of my all time favorite blog posts is the one you did about the scripture mints! Gotta love Texas!

Amanda Holbrook said...

Religion and a new driveway...all in one! I really do LOVE Texas.

Boog said...

LOL. Just so you don't forget about the quirks of Utah. I saw a car today on the way home with "I'd rather be reading Twilight." stenciled on the back window. Come on really. Todd go with the Miller Light machine. Because it is Miller time somewhere. =)

Anonymous said...

Last week on our drive down to Tennessee we kept seeing all these huge billboards the would simply say "Jesus Saves" or "Jesus Died For Our Sins." But the thing I found odd was that that was all the sign said. If wasn't and add for a chuch or anything. Who paid to have that billboard?? Just some hard working Christian...trying to spread God's word.? Love the Bible Belt

Suburban Hippie said...

They're just letting you know it's not their job to save you. They're telling you "Jesus Saves" so if you're looking for someone to save you He's your guy. However, if you need some one to pour concrete... they're your peeps.

Have you seen those horrid lamp-post bird houses for sale? Bleh.

Kristin said...

I'm going to have to come see your home's new look. I bet the slot machine and new bed in a bag look great with all your other cute decor. :)

Mady said...

less than a month till u come...im so excited!!!!!!!! ;D

Taryn said...

you should send that in to the Tonight Show. That ad could make headlines..... very funny.