Thursday, June 25, 2009

Add In 80% Humidity

Picture from inside my car:At what temperature does clothing become optional? Tell me. Please. Because this is crazy hot. Not just regular hot. Crazy hot. The radio reported that when you add in the humidity, it "feels like" 108 degrees. For reals? Are you kidding!? I "feels like" walking around in my underwear.

I've started sweating in places that I didn't know existed. I now know that I do indeed have a boob crevice. Not cleavage by any means. Just a mere crevice. That's kind of an exciting discovery for a girl like me. That "feels like" fantastic.

The heat has driven me to act irrationally. I haven't been wearing earrings for weeks. Oh, the insanity, I know. It's just too hot for fashion accessories. It saddens me. And just over the last day or two I haven't been able to bring myself to wear makeup. I know, I know, again, the insanity of it all. Maybe the heat is sucking out my brain cells. It's either that or my kids fighting.

I think I'm going to start wearing a Survivor buff. On TV it looks like it covers a good amount of skin. You won't even be able to see my crevice. I swear. Just for sake of modesty, I'll double up on the buffs. I'll layer them. After that, I will only need a good breeze to keep me cool. I think that "feels like" summer just got a whole lot lighter. Bring it on.


Becky Leland said...

We just returned from being in Utah for 2 weeks - reading this I bet you miss the dryness there. It was beautiful and GREEN in Utah - I guess all the rain they have had, has mad the mountains full of greenry - the prettiest I have ever seen Utah. Cater wants to move there really bad.His reason is to be in the Family History Center as much as possible!

Rani said...

I feel your pain. This nasty hot just makes me plain cranky.

Amanda Holbrook said...

It is KILLER HOT lately! Ugh. It is seriously unbearable to even be outside for a few minutes. How do people work in this? I like your buff idea! Go for it!