Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Blessing of Teeth

First, can we just talk about how mad she's going to be that I've posted this picture? There's going to be a fall out, I'm sure of it.

Wisdom teeth came out this week. I feel like I've been a nurse for the last few days. Or that I'm taking care of a newborn again. Round the clock meds and feedings.

She was convinced she wouldn't say or do anything funny after coming out of anesthesia. Oh, was she wrong. I had to stop the car twice and film her because I was laughing so hard. And she would Not. Stop. Talking. She thought the car's dashboard was snake skin because "it has pretty scales". She also kept telling me her face felt "all squishy".

The real problem was her uvula. She kept trying to stick her finger in her mouth to touch it. She was convinced it was bleeding. I had to keep pulling her hand out and explaining that her teeth were bleeding, not her uvula. After the third go around of this, she got really mad and feisty with me. Once we were home, she called her sisters all kinds of interesting names. It was literally hysterical.

But here's the flip side-- she's been home. With me. Laying on the couch. All day. Normally this house serves as more of a hotel she just sleeps in. I rarely see her. But for the last 5 days, I've had her all to myself. And I've taken care of her. I haven't had to do that in years. In the weirdest way, I've loved it.

So, I thank you wisdom teeth. For giving me my daughter for the week. And providing the best entertainment I've had in months. And just so you know, she really wanted to keep you. After surgery she kept asking to hold you and look at you. Anesthesia is the greatest.


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