Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's July?

The view from my kitchen window. Which I stand at 4,000 times a day.

Did you know it's month 7? How did that even happen? I feel like June was a blur. I was mostly in a "too much on my plate" coma for most of it. After all the graduation wrap up and then girl's camp, I just had to slow my roll. You know?

And now it's like, summer. Right? Because my people are sleeping until 1:00 pm every day. And then sometimes they nap. Getting something to eat out of the pantry can just wipe you right out. They do have chores. Which they randomly accomplish. Oh, and then when they're bored, they like to cook. Say what? It's weird. The Baby Child made a pie crust the other day. Wrapped it up and stuck it in the fridge. And that was after she made chocolate chip cookie cups. I'm serious.

You wanna know what else happened in June? Other than exhaustion? I bought the world's worst toilet paper. I'm being legit. The. Worst. If it's on sale with a coupon at Costco, it's a good buy, right? Wrong! Within the week I went to the See's Candies store and bought treats for the whole family to just make up for my negligence.

My sister let the Baby Child drive. She's 12. I have no words.

Girls #1 and #2 went boating. Girl #1 split her lip open when a wake board hit her in the mouth. For days she has talked funny. It makes me giggle inside every single time. Is it bizarre that their pain brings me amusement?

June felt like a lazy month. Which is kindof awesome. Let's hope that July follows suit.

And on a side note...Child #1 has started shopping for college stuff. Her new bedding arrived yesterday. I almost threw up and cried at the same time.

Peace out.

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