Monday, January 12, 2015

The Hashtags

I live with a narcissistic view that you love seeing how I decorate my mantel. You probably don't, but I've convinced myself you do.

This one is the calm after the Christmas storm. Some of it I made eons ago. Some is from the Goodwill (my fave place). And the giant leaves are from a field trip I took with Child #3 when she was in 4th grade. Oh, and then there's 'fudge'. It's our family nickname. Long story.

One of these days I'm going to get it together and hire out my mantel skills. Is that even a thing? Would you let me come over and rearrange all your crap into adorable display sets? I've really gotta think about that. #sadecorates


The Candy Porn people are at it again.

This showed up in the mail the other day. And I was furious. What gives them the right to just willy nilly send this stuff out? I mean, how graphic can you be?! #forthelove.

Isn't there some kind of government regulation on this kind of advertising? It's just not OK. It's too tempting. I may or may not have tried licking the pages. Just in case they sugar coat the glossy images.


Child #1 is so stinkin' close to going to college. You know this, right? And you know how my heart gets tight just thinking about it? It's true, it does. But here's the flip side-- I worry she won't be able to function in society. Truth. She only knows how to "technically" make buttered noodles. And for the last month, she's been telling us that, "Cash is just too hard to use." Say huh?

This is the drill: She brings us her cash, we deposit the same amount of money into her account. Now she only has to use her debit card.

Cash is too hard to use.
#gimmeafreakinbreak and #imaloserparent


I'm making stuff.
Because making stuff is my jam.

I think they're going to get strung across a window. Not totally sure yet.
Do you want me to make you one too?


And last, but not least, I give you a link. Click here.

You have to read it. You simply must.
Well, if you love Downton Abbey, you must.
And if you don't love it, you're crazy. Because Downton Abbey makes all the things better. For always. #impathetic

Happy Monday ya'll.

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Stamp With Linz said...

I think you meant Child #1, because Child #3 is 12.
I love your mantel. I'd hire you! If you mean by hire that you'd come over and help me for free...and in that case, I've already hired you a few times! :)
You're the best.