Thursday, October 16, 2014


Listen. Right now, right this very moment, I'm sitting at my computer (duh!) and eating animal crackers. For legit, I've lined them all up like a circus train. And I'm inspecting them as I ingest them. You know, to see if I can tell what animal they are. It's an epic morning. This is what my brain does when I take migraine medicine at 4:00 am. It makes me think all weird. Well, and BE weird. Nice.

But really, here's the thing.

Because I have a thing I really, really need to discuss.

No shenanigans. No animal cookies. This is serious.

Here goes...
You know The Husband has an affection for butterflies, right? Well, I've never told you this, but he has a Butterfly BFF. Oh, yes. Yes, he does. Her name is Mary. And she's lovely. They work together (kindof). Wow. That makes it sound weird. But really, it's not weird. Other than the butterfly obsession and all.

Guess what? They call each other and talk "butterflies". I'm. Not. Kidding.

And just so we're clear, it's only Monarch butterflies. That's their specialty.

And here's where the awesome bumps up a level. People know, they know, about their butterfly love. It's crazy. You know why?

Because friends are now buying them customized butterfly gifts. Nice ones. Encased in glass. It may have been suggested that I could buy a special light to mount above the case. You know, to shine down and illuminate the butterflies. Ah, heck no. No, no, no.

Here's my question-- Why, oh why, could he not be obsessed with BMW's?


And this morning, in between my cookie eating, and just because I'm snarky, I asked The Husband if he wanted to wave goodbye to his friends. The butterflies. Let it be known that he was not pleased. Not even a tiny bit.

Happy Thursday, my friends.

I think I'll name them. I'll get back to you on that.