Friday, October 10, 2014

Hair and Other Stuff

Have we ever discussed my hair? No? That's a shame. Because there's tons to say. Let's start with this-- I loathe washing it. Like, I avoid it because I hate it so much. Truly. I'm not even going to tell you how long I can go between hair scrubbings. It's an extraordinary amount of time. You'll be jealous. I just know it.

The root of the problem is that I have so, SO much hair. It's thick, it's long, it's everywhere. You wouldn't believe the tendrils that fall out every day when I brush it. I could fill the earth with stuffed pillows of hair. I'm not kidding. My sister has even more than I do. And we go to the same hair-cutter-person-gal. She "thins" it out every time. I lose 10 pounds just from a hair cut.

There's long hair everywhere you look around here. The next time you're over at my house, just rub your hand along the carpet. Hair. That's what you'll find. We could sell it as a commodity. It doesn't really help that I don't have proper working vacuum, but that's a story for another day. Or not.

The Baby Child has a crazy obsession with shampoo. She can't seem to find the energy to walk upstairs to her own bathroom. So, she showers in mine. The other day I realized that she's created a salon in my shower.

And no, I don't know why this collection is here. Parent Rule #3 "Don't ask, because you don't want to know."


Have you ever tried to make plans with a teenager? It's maddening. They're so all over the place. And I'm soooooo NOT. I'm a Type A planner. 'Spontaneous' is a bad word. So, imagine how difficult it is to get your teenagers to verbalize some sort of time table to you. I don't think it's even possible.

For example, I know they have plans tonight. My people and their friends. There's a rehearsal, and a met up (my house?) and dinner and a drive-in. That's the jist. Even though I know it's futile, I called Teenager #1 this morning to see if she had ANY idea how the night would run out.

I couldn't really get the teenagers to discuss anything because they were giggling so hard. There's a mobile mammogram truck in the high school parking lot. They think it's the greatest thing ever. Their friends have all gathered together to discuss how that actually works. Oh geez.

I sighed and hung up the phone.


When was the last time you really felt loved? For me, it was yesterday. People gave me gifts! It was the most unexpected and extraordinary thing.

A beautiful friend bought me acorn salt and pepper shakers. Say to the what?! They're too cute for words. And my sister (who is an awesome gift-giver) scored me an exquisite old, chippy window pane. I nearly cried with joy.

I should pay it forward and make someone feel loved today. How about we meet at the high school for a mammogram?


And just in case you haven't seen the buzz around the web, the Mormon movie opens today. Check the website here to see one near you.

I can't imagine why that film crew didn't choose this family to follow around. What a spicy little film that would make.


Happy Friday homies.
Feel the love. And the hair.

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