Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Flip Side

I had a crazy idea this morning. So crazy I don't even know how to go about tackling it. Here it is: Try and be a positive parent for an entire day. What the holy moly!? I don't think I've ever tried that before. It sounds too painful.

But yesterday's post got me to thinking. Maybe you have to work at the whole glass half full kinda thing. Maybe being optimistic is like a habit you have to acquire. Good grief, that just sounds terrible.

So, I asked the Baby Child, "Do you think I'm a happy mom?" She just rolled her eyes and gave me a "You're weird." When she was walking to the bus, I started screaming, "I love you, I love you, I love you!!!" She stopped. Turned around and said, "You're being TOO happy." Got it.

This is this bizarre flip side to having teenagers. I just realized it today. They're funny. Hysterical even. And might I suggest, more entertaining than my kindle (gasp!). Because here's what they do:

They make weird faces and take pictures with their friends. Then they send them to me.

They doodle during class and send me pics of that too:

And when I don't respond to them within .002 seconds, they start texting me repeatedly. "Mom". "Momma!". "Mother!!". It's like I'm their lifeline while they're away. I rather much love it.

They also get on my phone and take pictures of themselves and change my background:

And then, because I'm all sorts of a rock star mom, I send them stuff during the day. You know, when they're NOT supposed to have their phones out.

Look. I just pointed out how teenagers can be fun. I'm well on my way to positive parenting. Not really, but let's go with baby steps. M'kay?

And on a totally different note, I have to tell you something. The Angel Baby was in a magazine. Isn't she the best!?
I take all credit for her awesomeness. For reals. And her beauty. That's because of me too. My sister is just her "caretaker". Got it? Oh, and just so you know, this girl has been on the cover of a calendar as well. Autographs will be given in exchange for keeping any 2 of my kids for a week. Fair trade.

And just because I pretend that you want to see how often my mantle changes, this was last week:

This is now:

Enjoy your random Wednesday.
Be positive! (Just thinking about it makes me tired.)

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Stamp With Linz said...

My Todd and I were talking about your post yesterday. We are certainly positive people, but we have no idea if we are positive parents. Guess we should just take your advise and TRY to be positive and we will be. :) PS I think you're hilarious too. And Angel baby is beautiful in that pic!!