Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sa Said

Did you know that most everyone (who's anyone) calls me Sa? It's true. Well, those that know and love me well. The Husband called me by that name on Facebook last week and a whole bunch of peeps were confused. Sa is me. I am Sa.

One of the twins could never say my full name, Lisa. And she just cut it down to the quick. And Sa was born. Or started. And now it just is. As if I've always been Sa and nothing else.

Child #2 drew this acorn portrait for me during our summer road trip. She folded it up and gifted it to me. And if you know anything, I mean anything, about 15 year olds, you'll know that any gift is precious and rare. So of course, it was framed.

Here's what Sa is saying. Or thinking about. Just right now. Roll with it:

* I want to paint my piano. But I promised my mother I wouldn't ever, ever, ever. It's my childhood piano and I think it would look smashing in glossy white. Maybe an airy turquoise? I'm not sure where I would gather the energy to paint that monstrosity, but it would be epic. I'd just have to hide it whenever my mom came over. No biggie.

* Speaking of energy...The Husband offered up my favorite quote of the week. Maybe the month? Just yesterday, we were sitting on the couch chatting, and he said, "No wonder you're so tired all the time. It's all that thinking you do."
Yes. Why, yes it is. I'll work on toning it down. Because, duh.

* Child #2 announced to her church group that she has extra nipples. Uh huh. She really did. Please don't tell me this is shocking behavior from one of my kids. It's really run-of-the-mill ordinary, and you know it. I really didn't ask for many details. Because, why? I only asked for clarification that she did NOT provide a visual display.

* You wanna know what I lay in bed and think about at night? Well, at least lately? Open kitchen shelving. For reals. After my mother brain scrolls through all the ways I'm a failure (man, that's a habit I wish I knew how to kick!), then I turn to important world issues. Like open shelving. It's all over Pinterest. Have you noticed? I love it. I really do. But here's the thing. And it's a big thing....What about the dust? All those dishes and shelves would get dusty. No? I don't think I could handle it. So for now, I'll keep my cupboards. No worries.

* The Baby Child no longer waves at me before she gets on the bus. We used to have this way. This thing we did. She would turn and wave at me right before she boarded. I would wave back. Now? She jumps on without a second thought. It makes my heart sad. I'm tempted to rent some 3rd graders every morning who will pretend they think I'm the awesomest mom in the world before they get on the school bus. You want me to get you some too?

* I totally think I could make a skirt for myself. I don't know how to sew. Not really. And the sewing machine I own was my mother's in high school. It barely works. But, I'm positive I could do it. How hard can making a skirt really be?

* I am gifted at many things. You know this already. But there are some things I do that just ring "superpower". Like, my brain remembers phone numbers. With alarming exactness. But my favorite super gift? Pawning my kids off onto my sister. I'm kinda a master at it. Just sayin'. Yesterday I got her to take her kids, 2 of mine, and an extra friend, to the zoo. And then to a restaurant for dinner. It's like our Saturday Way. The Husband and I sit on the couch and catch up on all our shows, and my sister entertains all the kids. Hey. It's not my fault my children would rather be with her than me. I'm just gifted like that. Maybe I could write an ebook on my methods. Hmm.

* If I can't paint my piano, I'm going to paint my back door. I'm so super close to doing it. Turquoise? That's not too crazy, right?

* Child #1 is a senior. I know you know. But, gah! That fact hits me at least 3 times a day. And I'm sad. I try to avoid that line of thinking, but I can't. She's become this super cool chick and I like her. What will the house feel like in a year when she isn't living in it? Tears, people. And heart palpitations.

Sa has said.
I hope you enjoyed.
Feel free to share your thoughts on open shelving. Or the color turquoise.


KristenB said...

Somehow I just KNOW you could pull off open shelving!

Stamp With Linz said...

Turquoise piano sounds dreamy...

Pamjoc49 said...

You need to work in Primary again. Those darling kids will wave at you :). Last week I looked over at 6 year old Whitney Skidmore and she made a pretend telephone with her hand and then mouthed, "call me." It warmed my heart as I don't even have anyone left at home to wave at me!