Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The November Wrap

Yes, I'm aware we're well into December. But, I'm running behind. By the time I pull out my Christmas decor, it will probably be Valentines.

Lessons from the 'Give Thanks' month. In no particular order:

1. My brain is full. That has been my biggest light bulb moment. I can't fit one more thing in. Not one more task, not one more thing to do, not one more 'what-do-you-get-a-teenager-for-christmas-when-they-just-want-money'. Not. One. More. Thing.

2. Speaking of full....my Kindle currently has 320 books loaded on it. This fascinates me. Every time I download, I expect a window to pop up that reads, "You need to get a life. Seriously." When does a Kindle fill up? It's like a challenge now. To see how many books I can put on there. I'll keep you posted.

3. One of the sweetest sounds in my life comes from this girl:
Every once-in-a-blue-moon (translation: twice a year), she randomly calls me "momma". She is my only child to ever call me that. She has to actually be near me and like me at the same time. I'm pretty sure that's why it is such a rare occurrence. She called me momma last Friday. Around 4:45 pm. I'm holding on to that.

4. Speaking of Child #2...The other night she told her Dad, "Barnes and Noble is a stupid store. All it has is books!"


5. Recovery from a road trip requires cleaning out the car. It's amazing what can happen in that tiny space when your family lives in it for days.

So, I'm vacuuming. Every little crevice. And I notice a black box tucked way under the seat. I pull it out and discover it's a take-out box. When I notice the restaurant name, it dawns on me that this food is from Child #1's Homecoming extravaganza. In case you're wondering, that was 39 days ago.

39. Days.

6. Speaking of Child #1...
She made the school musical.

She changed the direction of her life at the end of last year for this very thing. Audition week was a bit grueling. I gave advice and prayed. A lot.

The day the cast list was posted, her joy became a palpable thing. It filled the house. It filled all of us. I wanted to bottle that joy right up and save it.

7. Child #3 stayed home from school for 2 days with strep. She used her free time to make a PowerPoint presentation for me. Of all the things she wants for her birthday and Christmas. It was rather lengthy. And for added fun, she texts me every other day (while we're in the same room together) to remind me of all the items on her list.

I'm thinking of making my own PowerPoint.
It will be short. Just 2 wish list items.

Let me know if you want a copy.


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