Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Mouse Trap

Her project for Physics was to create a car out of a mouse trap. In order to earn a descent grade, the car had to travel 5 feet. 5 mini-feet? 5 milliliters? I really can't remember. 5 somethings. My genius is showing, isn't it?

It was determined that she and her friend wanted to make "sleighs" out of the mouse traps. So, of course, because I have so much free-time, I was tasked with hunting down all needed supplies. Well, that's not totally true. She went to Lowe's and bought some metal-ly stuff. Hardware? Is that the right word?

The first car she made last Thursday was super cute. I totally approved from a crafty point-of-view. But it traveled....nowhere. Wouldn't move at all. Her and her friend readjusted a few things, shortened some string-thingy. And it moved....backwards.

So, last night they were on a mission. And as the hours ticked by, they got more frazzled. They both made car #2 with no success.

By this time, the rest of the family huddled around the table gawking like paparazzi. It's was like the ship was sinking and we wanted to watch it go down. The 11 year old threw question after question their way and I had to turn my head so they wouldn't see me laughing. I just couldn't shut it down. It was too awesome to watch.

Once she started building car #3 at 10:00 pm, she announced, "Did you know they just came out with a study that says school is bad for your health....{pause}...I'm totally serious."

And because I can see she is starting to wilt and give up, I step in. I remind her of the discussion we had just days ago. "Listen. You have to get it together. Because my job as your mother is to make sure you don't live with me forever. Got it? You have to get good grades and you have to finish high school. Because if you don't, you'll be with me to the end of your days and I'll make us wear matching sweaters."

Score. Game on.
Car #3.... moves. 5 somethings. 5 milimeters? 5 furlongs?

I'm thinking of becoming a motivational speaker.

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