Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hang Your Blessings

Normally, I'm not a "Count Your Blessings" kind of girl. I'm more of a "Let's Discuss All The Stuff That Is Irritating Me To No End" kind of person. But every now and then (or really, never) I gather up enough energy to be positive. It usually only lasts for 38 minutes. That's about all I can handle.

We are not even going to talk about how bad the lighting is in this picture. 
We're just going to call it "antiqued". 

So, here's how you can be positive too. Just like me. For your own 38 minutes.

Visit this amazing blog and download any version of the "Thankful For" cards.

Gather your family together with love....Or, you can be like me and yell at your family to turn off the TV and force them to all sit down at the table....then fill in your cards. Again, you can copy cat my family and all your kids will just stare at you with big eyes because they can't think of one solitary thing they're grateful for. (Just a tip: This may require more 'mother yelling' to actually get your teenagers to participate. M'kay?)

String up your blessings on the window above the sink. Just so everyone has to look at them every time they wash their hands. It's a slightly beautiful visual, right?

The Husband is grateful for potato chips.

I'm thankful for sugar and my Kindle (no shocker there).

Teenager #1 loves her bed and 'You People'. (Apparently that's code speak for Family. Who knew?)

Teenager #2 is thankful for herself. That's it. She couldn't think of another single darn thing to be grateful for. Insert some mother yelling...She also has gratitude for her phone. Sheesh.

Child #3, a.k.a The Favorite is super-dee-duper thankful for her mom and dad and the earth. Note to Children #1 and #2: She is getting way more Christmas presents than you. Amen.

Count your blessings this week.
And hang them up for all the world (or just your family) to see.

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