Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Forms

Can we just chat about school forms for a sec? Hmm? Let's just ask a simple question: What's the deal? I mean, really. I need to know. Actually, I think moms everywhere need to know.

Why so many? Form after form. Endless writing. We live in an age where you can deposit a check by taking a picture on your phone. So, for the love of mercy, can't we simply this process? Maybe we could start a petition.

Should we discuss how tiny the spacing is? You're required to write your address, phone #s and emails on a miniscule line only long enough to write the word, 'Stupid'. And what's even better? The more kids you have, the more forms you fill out. Trees are dying across America just so I can fill out 3 sets of the Exact. Same. Form.

No one tells you about the forms when you're young, in love, wanting to have kids and dreaming of good parenting skills. There needs to be a warning. A billboard, maybe? More kids=more forms. Choose wisely.

Wanna know something hilarious? Because, you know me, I like to look on the bright side (or not). Last night I held 3 of the same form in my hand, 1 for each kid. And guess what? They all had wrong information, all in different sections. Good glory, I live in the same city as NASA. Someone around here has to be smart enough to simplify this process. Seriously.

Wanna know my favorite forms? The ones that require the dad's signature. Oh, be real. Dads are never around for the tedious, crappy parts of parenting. They're off at important meetings where they're being told they're awesome. So, now I have to put half of the forms off to the side and then make sure I have time to remember to have the dad sign them. That's ridiculous on so many levels.

What if I just write down my cell phone # on a sticky note and send it in to the school? If they have a question, they can call me. Really. This idea feels kinda genius. Who's game?


Eric and Amy said...

I'm game! Amen! AMEN lady! You had me laughing! Hannah was home sick from her first day ... I get to fill out round two of forms this afternoon. Oh joy!

Pamjoc49 said...

The first year I took my oldest to BYU, it was the first week of school for my other 4! They were crying, asking when I was coming home because dad didn't know how to fill out all those forms! My youngest, James, even got detention for not turning them in on time. My husband had the nerve to blame it on James, for not reminding him! He was in elementary school. My husband was a college graduate!! Lame excuse! He just wanted me to do it when I got home!

4guysandme said...

I am so hearing you on this one. Fill out the form. in. triplicate. This year, I did just that. Then just a couple of days ago, I come home from picking up the elementary child and find a form laying there. It is like some nightmare come true. I KNOW I filled them all out. Seriously?!. It was from the high school kid and it is highlighted on the signature line. Now they cannot just send home the completed form for me to sign, no. They send home an entirely blank form with the child's name filled in for me to fill out AGAIN and for me to sign and return. Now I am thinking that maybe it was not enough for one signature because my husband was out of town when we returned these forms the first time. Frankly it was going to have to be good enough again because having to fill out that form a fourth time was torture enough. I filled it out, signed it, and sent it back. Gee I hope I got it right this time. I hope another one does not come home. I might have to go all crazy mom on them or something.