Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random And A Little Whine

Survival. That's all I'm doing. It's all I have been doing for weeks. The end of summer seems to suck away all my brain cells. I'm not kidding. I think they leak out of my ears at night.

I can barely recall what we have been doing for the last 2 weeks. I guess that's what happens when you only have half your brain left. I know I took my kids to the mall for school shopping. That event is seriously burned into my memory. Like a nightmare. An hour in to it all I decided that they should have liquid Valium in cups waiting for you at every mall entrance. Even if they charged $1,000 dollars for each cup, I'd pay. Actually, I'd give them a kid in exchange.

We made taffy. For the 4th year in a row. And, for the 4th time, it didn't turn out. I've decided that the failure is now our tradition. But the upside? It stays so gooey, it's easier to eat. Or to let the Angel Baby make a mess with it.

We had a party at my mom's house. A birthday party. For the house. In case you're wondering, her house is 22. It's an odd tradition we have celebrate for as long as I can remember. It strangely brings me quiet joy.

Child #1 turns 16 in a few weeks. I'm slightly freaked out about it. And truthfully, I rarely get freaked out. Stressed, yes. But not freaked out. The reality of her driving away with her friends or on a date, just does weird things to my mind. Actually, it pulls at my heart quite a lot.

I have 1 week until school starts. I don't know how many more brain cells I can afford to lose. A lot can happen in a week. Especially around here. Just a few days ago, Child #2 discovered she can fart on command. She beamed with pride when she demonstrated. I simply closed my eyes and wished I was the kind of person that had access to hard liquor.

Maybe I'll go back to the mall and search for some liquid Valium. A lot of it.

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