Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Recital

Recitals are interesting. At least for me, they are. I spend a majority of my time praying that my kids won't do anything embarrassing. This go round, Child #1 dared Child #2 to burp the introduction to her song. You would think that I was shocked by that, but alas, I was not. Again, recitals are interesting.

As I watched each of my girls stand and play, I couldn't help but reflect on all it takes to get a child to the point of performance. We parents chauffeur to lessons, we endure the constant battle to practice and we never tire of hearing, "I hate the violin, why didn't you let me take piano!" It's never ending.

But then, they stand and play. And in that moment, all the tiresome battles drift away. Pride and love and gratitude take its place. This is why recitals are interesting. They remind us of why we do what we do. They offer us a glimpse into who our children are becoming and more importantly, they allow each child to stand as an individual and shine.

Maybe we could try to see each day as more of a recital than a rehearsal. There is great value in focusing on the end result instead of emphasizing the battles and the whining. Recitals turn the ordinary into extraordinary. I have to think that it should always be that way.

All too often we need to be reminded why we do what we do. Some days we need it more than others. But if we could somehow lock our eyes onto that final performance, maybe it would help us to remember all on our own. It just might make it easier to endure the day-to-day ordinary battles. Life offers the extraordinary. We just have to have the courage to stand up and take it.

Make each day your recital. And along the way, take the chance to shine.

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