Friday, April 22, 2011

What Makes It Good

Today is Good Friday. Here in the Bible Belt, that translates to an honorable state holiday. People here take their religion seriously. Just like their barbecue. I find it fantastically refreshing.

I've never understood the 'holiday' version of this day. I can't seem to see rejoicing within the infinite acts that the day represents. It's too solemn and sacred for that. So instead, I decided to take this day at face value. I looked for the Good folded into this ordinary Friday.

I spent half the day with teenagers. They served. Some called it a "project". But all I could see was the service. While their peers celebrated a day away from school and sleeping late, these young adults walked in the heat and got their hands dirty. Not because they primarily wanted to, but solely because of their dedication to their faith. That is Good from every vantage point. And inspiring.

Today, this man. Oh, how I thought about this man.

I stood this morning at the doorway and something caught my gaze. That's how it always begins, the moment where something in this life triggers something from long ago. A memory ignites and floods my mind. Every time, it carries my breath away. Every time. I have to force myself to look away and swallow the sorrow. Today was no exception.

But in this Friday that is Good, I focus on his gift instead of his absence. And from that viewpoint, I can see the he is just like those teenagers. He is serving. Just not where I can see him. And because he's there, it makes it the place I long to be. The place where I will offer my everything to get to. And that is so very, very Good.

I hope you can see the Good you've been given. Savor it this day.