Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Works

There is this blog I read here. I look at it daily. Mostly because each post usually contains cookies. Dreamy, frosted, sugar cookies. Sometimes I feel like licking the screen. But I don't. Maybe.

Each Wednesday, this cookie blog links up to 'Works For Me Wednesday'. Today she posted that she always bakes extra cookies. That's what works for her. Then she has them at the ready, just in case she messes up the frosting. I think her idea works for me too. I bake extra cookies. Just about every other night. But, I don't save them for a backup plan. I eat them. All. That's why it works for me.

As I'm sitting here, I've started to wonder what else works for me. I've had to concentrate super hard on this. But, here's what I've come up with:
  • I let my kids play on the treadmill. Yes, I know it's dangerous. It wears them out and they get tired faster.
  • I have specific days for specific laundry. I rarely deviate.
  • When I have a bunch of things that need to be taken upstairs, I walk them up one at a time. This makes my brain feel like I have exercised. But I haven't.
  • I only go to Hobby Lobby when I have a coupon. That way I'm saving tons of money.
  • I wear a headband when I don't want to wash my hair.
  • I buy my peanut M&Ms in bulk. I am saving the environment with fewer trips to the store.
  • I make my kids make their bed everyday. I'm really strict about it. I've even had to take away a cell phone. An unmade bed makes me cringe.
  • When I need to feel love, or to feel like I add any value to the world, I go and see the twins. They love me. They can't help it.
That's enough for now. I've gotta save up something to think about next Wednesday. I think it might involve sugar. Yep, definitely sugar.