Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's a Birthsary. Todd's Birthday (45- ouch) and our Anniversary (15). These are both odd numbers, and you know how I feel about them. I offered Todd condolences this morning because he is odd. He replied, "I should be, it's more than half my name". The glass is always half full with that man. Irritating, but true.For his birthday, I thought I'd offer 15 (for the anniversary) random things you may or may not know about Todd:

1. He hates attention. Despises it. That's why I do my best to embarrass him here on my blog. I think it's good for him.

2. He worked very hard to find the ugliest picture of himself for his Facebook profile. He looks constipated. Mission accomplished.

3. When I first met Todd, he told me that he always kept a glass of water on his nightstand during the night. When I questioned him about it, he told me that his eyes would dry out in the middle of the night, so he needed to refresh them with water. True story. I kid you not.

4. Todd hates to wear a tie. He accepted his current job without knowing he had to wear one. He almost quit on his first day. Now he simply carries his tie. If he is in a meeting with important people, he puts it on.

5. He loves chapstick and dreams about A&W rootbeer.

6. I've never really seen him super angry. He just doesn't get riled up about much. One time, when the girls were younger, I saw him get really frustrated. So, he clapped at them. Oh yes, you heard right. Clapped.

7. He can't lie. If he tries, he giggles.

8. He had 2 tickets BEFORE he ever got his driver's license (at the age of 14). I think they were for riding his motorcycle, which didn't have brakes, so he stopped it with his feet.

9. He longs to go back to Brazil.

10. His dream vacation would be to Bora Bora to stay in a hut on the beach.

11. He hates to wear shoes. When he was little, he walked around the farm (manure) barefoot. His mom gave him worm medicine every 6 months.

12. He's patient. Exhibit A-he lives with me. Exhibit B-he got up at night with our newborns more often than I did.

13. He's had a perm. The pictures are exquisite.

14. His best friend told me before we got married that I would never have a dull moment with Todd around. There could not be more truer words.

15. Todd prayed for me before we had even met. He prayed me into his life and I am forever blessed for it.

Happy Birthsary to the man I adore.
Love you lots so many.


Anonymous said...

Some fun fact I didn't know! Hope you both enjoy your special day. Wade should be calling later tonight...he has a gift for Todd!

Queen Of The Castle said...

awww - happy birthaversary! todd with a perm - oh do post a picture!

Anonymous said...

Me again...totally unrelated to this post...Have you seen the yummy new recipe at www.bakeat350.blogspot.com? It's on your list of favorite blogs.
Looks like a Lisa Dessert!

Todd said...

I have secured a lawyer and you should get the divorce papers this afternoon!

What are you thinking? First, the picture makes me look old and dorky.

Second, you gave them 16, number 5 has two things.

Third, if a perm pictures shows up anywhere you won't need the divorce papers because I will be on the news for murder, refer to #6, it can happen!

Fourth, I am hyperventilating and need to go find a paper bag!

PS - Queen of the Castle I will find pole picture and post them anywhere and everywhere :-)

Rani said...

hap-hap-happy day! Your post made me snort when I laughed. Todd's response made made me laugh so hard my eyes leaked. Perfect couple. Love you both!

penny said...

You guys had better NEVER change....NEVER!!!!
Sooo funny. soooo, sooooo funny.

Boog said...

Think it of it this way Todd, you are only 30, 45 - 15.

I was going to ask for a perm picture, but now I am a little more interested in the pole picture.

My wife and I don't get the glass of water thing, must totally be an "odd" thing. Does he dump the water on is face? Additional pictures here would be helpful.

Look out Queen Lisa, I think Todd is going to clap at you.

P.S. my wife wishes you guys lived closer so we could hang out.

Happy Birthday, enjoy your anniversary!

Bruce said...

Happy Birthday Todd! I know Cindy called you and wished you a happy b-day from us already. But I thought I ought to take the opportunity to tell you as well. Good luck tomorrow with our grandson. He's like a tornado! Hope you can keep up with him! Tell everyone hi.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthsary to BOTH of you :)

quiet grace said...

Happy Birthday/Anniversay to one of my all-time favorite couples!! When are you going to make a trip to Utah??? I believe it's long overdue!! Love you guys!

Becky Leland said...

Happy days to both of you! Todd, I think you are amazing to handle all the girls around you.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary Todd. I loved the list! We were in Universal Studios last week and saw Lisa's clone. I'm not kidding she looked, acted and sounded just like Lisa. Even the kids noticed it! She was in a show about how they do the horror makeup which made it even funnier for us cause she could never be around all that gross stuff.