Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something To Shot For

Goals. I don't really like the word. For me, it usually means something I hope for but know is an impossibility. But yet, we set them anyway. Hoping beyond hope that our kids will be compelled to actually work toward them. At the beginning of every year, we set family goals. They are simple in nature and we only set a handful. I wouldn't want my kids to be too overwhelmed with having to actually look at me when I'm speaking AND flush the toilet all in the same year. That would be asking way too much.

Once all family members agree upon our goals, we type them up and everyone signs their name. I thought about making them sign in blood, but it would just be messy and I'd have to clean it up. I post our goals on our main cork board in the kitchen that no one (except me) ever looks at. I also make enough copies for each child to hang one in their room or on their bathroom mirror. We have one constant goal/rule that stays on the list every year--Sisters Are More Important Than Friends. One of these days that statement might actually sink in.
This year we decided to mix it up a bit. I asked all family members if they would rather make our regular list, or try setting one goal a month to work on. Everyone voted for a month-to-month 2010 plan. Our first goal suggestion was definitely NOT offered by me. But all were in agreement to work on it. I might have been crossing my fingers behind my back when I reluctantly agreed.

I made this chart and posted it in a place where everyone can see it. By. The. Phone. I know, I know, my scrapbook skills are stellar. I spent yesterday morning work on this instead of all the other things I really, really needed to get done.

Once a new month rolls around, we will make a new goal and replace it on our chart by the phone. The old month's goal will go on a year chart that I made and hung on the massive cork board that no one looks at.

I keep everything on this industrial size board (I found it for $3!). It is in the center of our kitchen and my calendar is the size of Ohio. But yet, they continue to ask me what date and time certain events are happening. Why doesn't anyone ever consider using their good eyes to look at the calendar? I have no answer.

I keep all schedules posted here and any upcoming homework assignments that need to be worked on (book reports, reading logs, etc.) I keep a chore chart and the school lunch menu on a magnet board by the fridge.

I'm hoping that we (by 'we', I mean the kids) can stop yelling in January. It's posted on cute scrapbook paper, so why wouldn't they (by 'they', I mean the kids) work on it? I don't have a yelling problem. I just talk loud naturally. I'm serious.

I'm not quite sure what our February goal will be. I have a few ideas in mind:
  • If you pick your nose, wipe it on a tissue instead of the wall.
  • Every eye roll will cost you $1.
  • No one is allowed to speak to their mother after 5:35 pm.
The options are wide open. Go ahead, pick one. Make a cute chart and set a family goal. And just remember, no yelling.


Anonymous said...

A cute cork board can work wonders. I really believe your goals will be accomplished solely on the fact that your board is so stinkin'cute!!
Maybe I'll go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to look for scrapbook paper so that I can make something cute too. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Tana said...

Really cute. I love how organized you are. Taryn told me once that she wished I made dinner more often. We are not starting chart that something like could happen here.

Rani said...

I'm totally coveting that rockin' cork board. Making goals pretty might just inspire obedience...good experiment. Let me know how it turns out. However, I think you have too much time on your hands...how about burning some CD's for me??? :)