Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've Got Friends With Skills

I've realized recently that I have some serious talented friends. It's ever so inspiring. For example, one friend knows how to make her own laundry soap and hot chocolate mix. She is also one of those people who can whip up an amazing meal out of the 3 things left in your pantry. She has crazy talent. I have another friend who knows the price of most all the items at each grocery store. She knows what is on sale each week and where to shop to save the most money. She can budget her grocery list down to a few dollars. Ever so impressive, this is a talent I long for.

I even have a friend who can do this:

I know it's hard to appreciate when you can't see close up, but these nails are salon hum-dingers! She told all the girls that she was going to paint their nails today. I thought they would come home with a nice solid color or two. Ah...no. Tiny flowers, tiny leaves, all made with tiny brushes and then topped with a clear coat. Upon further questioning, my friend revealed that she used to own a nail salon. Oh, and she also used to be a DJ. Excuse me? How way cool are your talents!?

I've tried to make a list in my head of all my talents that my friends might be jealous of. So far, I've come up with....um....nada. I just know that any minute now, somethin's going to come to me. At this moment, I am looking up to heaven in hopes that I might come up with just one.

I used to deliver newspapers with my brothers. Does that count? I can fold a stack of papers pretty fast, drive 50 mph around a corner and throw a newspaper out the window and watch it slice down a driveway. I haven't yet decided if that's a valuable talent. I think I'll ponder that one for a while before I unveil my great skill to my friends.

At one point in my life, I could do the splits. Really awesome splits, mind you. Maybe I'll give it a whirl tonight just to see if this talent is a little rusty. I might even put on an old leotard and leg warmers just for effect.

I can eat an insane amount of cookies at one sitting. No exaggeration. Insane amount, I kid you not. I wish someone would hold a national contest. Hands down, I would win, no practice needed. This is most definitely a talent. A pretty good one if you ask me.

I think I'm going to keep a running tally of all my super awesome skills. You know, just in case I need to impress someone. I think my mascara application is going to be near the top. Either that or my ability to speak in a quiet, reverent voice to my children. I got some serious talent. Watch out. I'm off to do the splits....


Anonymous said...

You totally left out dessert making, and not just ANY dessert making- DANG GOOD dessert making (and the more sugar it has, the better you make it :) )!! Just wanted to make sure you stick it on your list- definitely a TALENT!! Oh yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Cool nails!! Make sure you have Todd take pictures of you doing the splits...definately blog material! At least that is a far cooler skill than making soap and cocoa!

Becky Leland said...

oh Lisa - your talent is definately writing - when are you going to write your book? I will buy the first copy!!!

I LOVE reading your blog!!!

penny said...

I was laying awake last night freaking out because you didn't list more of your talents....painting, decorating, finding incredible bargains ( especially furniture you "redo" ) , making people feel loved and special, listening to people, knowing when to help and serve, making others smile and laugh, sacrificing important things and places for MORE important things and places, incredible testimony ( i have several of yours burned into my heart and soul from past sacrament meetings . ) You are one in a million and SAVED our family.

Amy said...

I agree with Penny! Also, you are soooo organized...that's a talent!!