Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Aunt Ever

Guess what I got to do today. Miss Keagan was all mine:

Riley was at the hospital getting tubes put in her ears. That is no small thing when you're a baby with a serious heart condition. Add in many prayers and a good amount of worry, and all went well. But while my sister was away, I played favorite aunt. Short of giving this girl mac and cheese, all rules were broken. Keagan had the best day ever. I'm sure she wrote about me in her journal tonight.

My sister has all these crazy rules, like making sure the girls eat a fruit or vegetable with their rice cereal and taking a nap at specific times during the day. As best aunt ever, that is totally not my problem. Keagan ate whatever and whenever. She was thrilled. I thought about buying her a happy meal, but decided the root beer might be a little much.

This baby has discovered the stairs. Her mom is quite distraught over this fact and does her best to keep her away from them. Again, not my problem.

After her nap I decided we needed some good TV. I pulled this highchair right up to the screen and laid out a buffet of crackers. Keagan watched Clifford and I read a magazine. Every now and then she would look over at me, and I'd give her a drink of water. We got into quite a rhythm. A perfect 30 minutes.
I already have plans for the next time my sister is away, I've decided to feed the girls chocolate chip pancakes covered with syrup. But don't tell her, it's a secret. Best Aunt award is comin' my way.


Becky Leland said...

Keagan is sooooo cute!!! She looks like she's having a great day with Aunt Lisa - was she there when the girls got home from school - so much spoiling.

Anonymous said...

Fun day. Your sis is lucky to have you.

Rani said...

Can I come spend the day with you? I'll take the choc chip pancakes.

Christy said...

no lie, I had a bad dream some one took my kids to McDonalds and made them eat it. I was crying when I woke up.