Tuesday, March 3, 2009

True Love?

So, I heard that there was drama on The Bachelor last night. Serious drama. Riveting drama. I heard this news through the grapevine--or from Todd. Yup, from Todd. He watches the drama, I use my intellect and read a book. I used to watch, but gave it up a few seasons back. I lost my testimony of Bachelor love. True love just never lasted for the final rose couple, so I am no longer a true believer. Besides, everyone knows that you can only find your soulmate on Survivor or Who Wants To Marry My Dad. Why even waste your time with all the girl bickering and tanning on The Bachelor?

I had a vague recollection that the show was on last night. Again, I was using my intellect to read...as I walked through the family room I stopped to notice that Todd and all 3 girls were huddled around the TV and riveted with the Bachelor action. I stared at Todd and asked, "Are you seriously letting them watch this?" His reply (without removing his eyes from the TV), "Oh ya, they love it!" Uh-huh.

This morning Todd called me so that he could unfold all the drama that happened in After The Rose. Crazy upset I guess. I had to calm him down and remind him that The Bachelor isn't true love, it's just pretend, like Tinkerbell.

In case you missed the show, I've got it recorded. But, you'll have to ask Todd to hold your hand and watch it with you. I'll be using my intellect while I watch America's Next Top Model.


Suburban Hippie said...


These shows are out there to make us feel better about ourself - you know - I'm crazy but I'm not THAT crazy.

Anonymous said...

For the Love of TV. We watch a lot of Crap but I too have given up the Bachelor. Hate it. Sorry Todd.

Amanda Holbrook said...

I watched quite a few episodes this season... followed by True Beauty of course. haha

I didn't have a woman I was rooting for BUT I am upset with this bachelor. Who could do that to a woman? How awful. Can you imagine being so excited after being proposed to then having him change his mind for another woman six weeks later! Sucks! What a jerk. I guess he is following his heart but it is so sad that she gets hurt in the process. Tell Todd. :)

Kristin said...

They are still running that show!!?? I was sure it had been off the air since I stopped watching 5 years ago. LOL Really, I'm not THAT out of it--I did hear there was Bachelor drama when I read the news headlines yesterday. I often go the "intellectual" route, too, and read a book while Dave watches TV (I don't think he's ever watched The Bachelor, though--at least not of his own accord). You and I are going to be so smart and wise someday with all our reading!

Cindy Diamond said...

That is so funny. It must run in the family. I watched it with Hunter and we were both glued to the TV. He made me fast forward through the icky parts. Lisa I told you Todd was girly girl.

Queen Of The Castle said...

Im with Nancy!!