Friday, March 6, 2009

I Wonder...

Speaking along the lines of my previous post--I have noticed lately that there are actually mothers that exist who relish when their children are out of school. I know, I know, say it ain't so, but it's true. In the past I had heard rumors that these kinds of mothers existed, but I thought it was just an urban legend. Or, that they had become extinct. Like the dinosaurs. But recently I have heard a few moms say that they are excited for spring break. For reals?

This newly discovered phenomenon has made me wonder....why am I this way, and they are that way? Am I normal (ahem, relatively speaking), or are they? Maybe I'm the unusual mother who jumps up and down with glee when they get on the bus. Or, maybe not. I mean, I love my kids and I like to have them around me. While they're sleeping. And they're silent. But then they just wake up and commence the contest of who can annoy me the most.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that 'those' mothers have calm and obedient children. That is why they don't mind when they're home. I, on the other hand, have children who require me to tell the babysitter, "Watch your back". And I have children who bring the tetherball inside the house and tie it from the second-story banister and proceed to play. Oh, and I have children who ask questions like, "When you are having a baby and pushing it out of your bottom, can you use the restroom?" Ya, I don't think that 'those' mothers have 'these' kinds of kids.

Monday, or technically today, is the beginning of our spring break. I've decided its kinda like taking all your kids grocery shopping--you know before you even start that bad things are going to happen, but you dive right in anyway. So, this next week I'm going to hold my breath and see if I can channel myself into one of 'those' mothers. Before you know it, I'll be crying tears of sadness that they have to return to school. Either that, or they will have killed me.


Anonymous said...

I hope you realize that if you change into one of "THOSE" mothers we can no longer be friends. I know you'll make that right choice.

Amanda Holbrook said...

Spring Break. 4 kids home. One apartment. No cable. Hmmmmm.

Taryn said...

You poor thing. I used to think everyone should have "job switch day". I take their job they take mine. I want the icing job on the cookie cakes at the mall, or maybe a professional restaurant taster... you know what I mean. You could pick their job and they would take yours..... if they did they would then feel your pain. Eventually, the word would be out not to switch jobs with you. Sorry.

I hate to say I am one of "those" mothers. But my children aren't as old as yours, or as "creative" in the torture department. I think I will give them time. (and keep them far, far away from yours!)

GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK, and uh "watch your back"

Cindy Diamond said...

We are on spring break as well. I wish we could fly out and see you. I wonder how much air fare is? Plus you have nice weather and I could increase my Vitamin D and get our of the smog.

I have to admit I hate spring break unless you are going on vacation.