Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ties That Bind

A wonderful friend of mine had an anniversary today. One year ago her mother left this life to continue her living on the other side of the veil. A marked day full of weight and memories. I have thought about her today and I understand where her thoughts are. I have also thought about the person I know who is drowning in her life from the inside out. She can't seem to find her footing. I love and understand her and where her thoughts are.

What are the ties that bind us together? It may not always be a common bond of love or friendship. Maybe there is a stronger bond formed when we deeply understand another person's trial. Maybe we understand another's experience so well because we have been there ourselves. Traveling the same road, just at different times. This binds us together. We are united because we understand one another and uniquely resonate with each other's pain.

What about the person who feels inadequate or the mom who feels she is screwing it all up? We are tied. What about the mom who fights for the triumphs of a learning disabled child? I am bound to her. Or, what of all the women who struggle to find balance in all that they do? We are each connected.

Aren't we somehow all tethered together? Each fighting our own personal battles. Each trying in our own way to carry the weight of our struggles. But maybe the ties that bind us are also the ones that will carry us, and lift us....together. Never alone--always together.


Simpson Family said...

The ties that bind us are are truly our greatest blessings. Never alone, always together, actual makes us all want to keep trying!
Thanks for your insight, I REALLY needed this today.
Sure love ya!

Anonymous said...


Kara said...

Hi Lisa, this is Kara one of Sammie's friends from utah

Amanda Holbrook said...

I loved this entry. It is really touching. I think you are amazing. Empathy is such a powerful emotion that changes lives.

Madison said...

So...does that mean...WE?...are tied together??? YYEESSSSS!!!! I knew we belonged together somehow!