Monday, January 5, 2009

List Of Demands, I Mean, Preferences

The NICU is a fascinating place. I don't have any idea how the nurses get anything accomplished. There is just so much to look at and so many sweet (and sick) babies to hold. But, while I was checking things out in Riley's pod, I noticed a sign posted off to the side of her bassinet. It was laminated so the nurses could write on it. It listed five things with a space to write in the answer to each: 1. I like.... 2. When I'm stressed I.... 3. I don't like.... 4. I can be calmed with..... 5. Could you please try.....
Oh my brilliantness! I realized then and there that I need to get me one of those signs. If it works for a premiee baby, why can't it work for me? I've started a rough draft. Here is what I have so far:
  1. I like....when everyone goes to school.
  2. When I'm stressed I....think about the kids going to school.
  3. I don't like....when the kids are home from school.
  4. I can be calmed with...thoughts of school being held during the summer.
  5. Could you please try....extending the school day.
What do you think? It's still a work in progress, but I'm almost there. I might fast and pray about it for another day or two, but I'm pretty positive my answers won't change. I'm going to print it on cardstock and laminate it. Just like in the NICU. I think I'll make several copies and put them in various places--by my bed, inside my scriptures, in my closet where I hide from the kids, etc. I am slightly concerned that Todd will snatch this idea and make his own list....one that involves the volume of my voice when I talk/yell (just so you know, it sounds angelic). Feel free to steal the idea for yourself. Instead of having a happy place, we can all just have a happy list. Just make sure it involves school year round.


Penny said...

Wasn't it so awesome to wake up this morning and know you would have eight whole hours of no kids!

Suburban Hippie said...

I know it's annoying but I missed mine.

NICU has one of the highest (if not the highest) burn out rate for nurses.

Alesha said...

From the resident high school teacher...
1. I like....when certain students stay home from school.
2. When I'm stressed I....think about the kids staying home.
3. I don't like....when the rowdy kids come to school.
4. I can be calmed with...thoughts of summer vacation.
5. Could you please try....shortening the school day.

Taryn said...

Mylist would b eohsodifferent than yours. It would however involve calmingmynerves with babies from the NICU. Tell me how baby Riley is? I'm so worried about the girls.

Anonymous said...

Brillant!stealing that for sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I love the idea! Please tell Em and everyone we are sure praying for that sweet Riley!!

Tana said...

I love the idea. I need to work on my own list....I'll be back.

Madison said...

I thought you loved your kids! Just Kidding!