Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is It Me?

Todd ran the show around the house yesterday. All day. It was a holiday, ya know. Kids home from school. Hence, I skeedaddled outta there and Todd managed the circus. I took babies to doctor visits. I held the twins, fed the twins, burped the twins and then started all over again. I just traded one show for another. This one is just sweeter and smells like baby lotion.

Throughout the day I would call to check on Todd and the status of the homefront. I got the same answer every time, "it's all good." Hmm. Not what I hoped for. At lunch time Todd told me that he had just made lemon chicken and noodles for everyone. What!? A couple of hours later he told me that five additional friends were over playing with my girls. Still the same answer, "it's all good."

What the crap! I wanted to call and hear Todd crying boo hoo tears of sadness that he couldn't take it anymore. I just knew that by the end of the day he would be in a fetal position clawing at his skin. He would then shower me with praises for doing this every day. Nope. "It's all good." How can that be? For reals, you made lemon chicken for lunch!? I thought that the popcorn combo at Target was pretty glamorous.

Maybe it's me. Do you think that's possible? Naw, it can't be that. Maybe it's Todd. He can be so....nice. It's grating. I mean, it's not normal to be patient and speak at a normal volume. He actually lets the kids have some freedom, like taking all the blankets outside to build a fort in the dirt. That's way weird. Who lets their offspring have that much fun? Ya, it's definitely not me. "It's all good."


Tana said...

He obviously didn't realize that he was being manipulated by his precious girls. You on the other hand understand that they will lie, cheat and steal to get Lemon Chicken for lunch and your a better mother for not falling for their schemes. Someday, he will learn their ways and come cry to you for support. Don't fall for it! Just say...it's all good.

Madison said...

Todd, I mean Green Beans, how'd you do it? How?

Becky Leland said...

this is so funny - what did the house look like when you got home?

What did the doctor say about the twins?

love y'all

Suburban Hippie said...

Anyone can do it for ONE day. It's when you do it day after day after day that it wears you down. I bet he didn't get much done while he watched them either but I might just be talking about my husband.

The Hollingshaus House said...

Lisa, don't worry! NO ONE can take your place anywhere---especially in the blogging world!

penny said...

One time----when I went out of town, Paul made cinnamon rolls BEFORE school for breakfast ( and he potty trained Emily ). We married great men.....I just remind myself of this when he throws his socks on the floor and eats in bed.

Anonymous said...

I think Todd is playing you! He knows you want him to cry and won't give you that satifaction. He's lying through his teeth when he says "it's all good!"
Okay, maybe not....dang it!

Penny said...

You need to tell Todd that he is a lier, lier, pants on fire!