Monday, October 27, 2008

A Wee Bit Of Politics

Since we cast our votes in a week, I thought I'd offer just a smidgen of my political nuggets. I have many opinions about government and its current state (its all crap), but I simply won't blabber on about it (do you like your crap leaning to the left or to the right?). I do think we need a good shake-up, a 'restructuring', maybe even a few lay-offs for poor performance. The more I watch on TV and read in my liberal Newsweek, I have come to one conclusion--the way to save our country is to elect and all-star relief society presidency. Brilliant, ain't it? If there is ANYTHING that EVER needs to get done, do you ask a man? No, you ask a woman. And if you're really smart, you ask a group of mormon women. Can't you just envision cabinet meetings? Everyone shows up with the required binder and things start with a prayer and a spiritual thought. I bet they could even work in a 'good news minute' about global issues.

I am quite enamored with Sarah Palin. There are things I don't like about her, but a lot that I love about her. I think the media focuses on all the wrong things. I mean, have you seen the woman's shoes!? If she is that savvy with her shoe selection, federal decisions are a cinch. In my opinion, if you possess the skills to pair the right outfit with the right swanky shoes, you've got my vote. There's no way a person like that could make a wrong decision. Won't happen. And don't even get me started on her great makeup job and fine skin....and she can man-handle two blackberrys at once, while hugging her baby, and hello! she. can. shot. from. a. helicopter. Dang impressive.

Take this week to consider all the choices (crap) placed before you. Scrutinize your options. Make sure that you are voting for those things you hold dear, a.k.a. expensive shoes and cabinet meetings that include homemade brownies. Don't listen to the media, they're full of crap too. Instead, listen to your heart and it will whisper to you....all-star relief society....charity never faileth.


Bethie said...


Simpson Family said...

Amen!Couldn't agree more. Don't forget the table cloth, centerpiece, and handouts-Divine! Talk about having world peace. I can just envision the 'fabulous-ness'

Anonymous said...

You're on to something. I've been watching the way Wade runs Elders Quoruem and while he's doing a great job with what he has, he can only get so much accomplished with a group of men like that! I think we're in for a wild ride the next few years with whoever is elected! God help us all! :)

Kerri said...

Preach on sister!!!!! What this nation needs is a monthly Homemaking meeting like in the good old days!

Kevin said...

Now you're thinking! I think we're on the same wavelength. Several months ago I suggested that Gladys Knight would be the best candidate for all.
She is a Woman.
She is Black.
She is a Mormon.
She can sing!

Now think about the cabinet meetings with her in charge! Oh, and throw in a few 'Pips'.