Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a lovebug. Two nasty little critters stuck together. Incessantly annoying. I have discovered that there are two lovebug seasons during the year. They appear out of nowhere and they stick around for weeks. Dead lovebugs are sprinkled all over your car, your window ledge, the door step, I could go on and on, blah, blah, blah.

In our first lovebug season, I thought they were cute. "Oooohhhh, they're in love, they're stuck together." The kids and I would stare at them and wonder. One day I quietly commented to myself, "I wonder why they're stuck together..." Makell just looked at me and said, "Duuuhhh, they're married and they love each other." Enough said.

I don't think love means being stuck together, do you? Todd is a precious gem and all, but let's be honest, after about hour 3, a serious smackdown would be imminent. How long can you be glued together and still be cordial? Sometimes your spouse (not mine of course) can be so darn irritating while he sits on the couch and I'm all the way in the kitchen. Thats a pretty big distance. Hopefully one of the lovebugs is deaf. One does all the ranting and whining, and the other just sits in silence. Wait, maybe Todd's deaf....

Just the other day I was telling someone how crazy it is to pick up dead lovebugs off the family room floor. It just doesn't seem normal. She said, "well, at least they only live for 24 hours." What?! The flying love only lives for one day? That just might explain things. Love, in a suffocatingly close distance, can kill you. Epiphany.


Amanda Holbrook said...

You are the best. I love this insight. You are on to something for sure!!!

Simpson Family said...

Aren't they just trying to 'pro-create" before they die? Check them out a little closer and let us all know! he,he:)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, my dear, you HAVE to write a book!! Let me just tell you every time I see a new post, I start to smile. If laughter is good medicine, you are the most miracle-worker doctor there is! Thank you for your wonderful descriptions of life that are so darn accuarte that it makes me giggle! You are a gift- thank you!
-Cousin Candy