Saturday, October 4, 2008

Being Stupid Is Painful

For the last 24 hours, I have been stupid. I know, I know its an unusual occurance, but its true. On most days I'm highly intelligent and savvy. Not today. Boo hoo.

So, remember how I was going to drown out my guilt by painting my bathroom? Here is what has transpired since then:
  • I decided to be uuber creative and I plastered my bathroom walls using a stencil design.
  • Then I painted the entire bathroom in a color I thought was light gray/blue--which ended up looking white/baby blue.
  • I then applied a dark antiquing glaze over all the walls. Instead of looking really cool, they looked like there had been a house fire and they had smoke damage.
  • I washed off ALL of the glaze off the walls.
  • I decided to try a lighter brown glaze. This time I only covered 2 walls. Hated it. By this time it was midnight and my arms hurt so bad I almost took them off.
  • This morning I loathed this bathroom even more. I sent Todd to the store to buy a new color of paint. I then proceeded to SAND ALL THE PLASTER OFF THE WALLS. Oh, the insanity and the wretched mess! Here is a view from my ladder:

After cleaning up the stupid mess and wiping down the stupid walls and vacuuming up the stupid mounds of dust, I painted the walls a lovely golden yellow:

Now that its freshly painted and clean, I'm not letting anyone use it to pee. They just get to stand at the doorway and look at it.


Anonymous said...

Nice waist of time! You should have taken more pictures to post. Here in Kentucky they like that glazed smoky look!

Becky Leland said...

Lisa, I LOVE the golden yellow - looks warmer than blue. I think you are pretty smart to know how to do all that.

Love y'all

Anonymous said...

Hey, I gotta try that just stnad in the doorway and look thing! Maybe that could work. Then there wouldn't be, umm how to say this tactfully, pee on the floor to clean up (from 3 little boys :) )- HA! It's worth a shot! And your lovely yellow bathroom looks terrific!
Love ya- Candy

Tana said...

Maybe the burned bathroom look would look nice after a hurricane. A bit of a change?

Suburban Hippie said...

One of the nice things is that you picked a bathroom to do this all to instead of a very large room.