Monday, September 8, 2008


The cutest decorations ever. And yes, I made them. I've got skills.
(Stay tuned for the party on Saturday--revolving around all things '12').

Tickets to see 'So You Think You Can Dance' when they come to Houston.
One of her '12' presents.

When did time float away and she grew so quickly? Twelve.
Birthdays are a time that I seem to stand back and look in awe at the girl in front of me. This is my child that made me a mother. We're growing up together. She was the one to first show me that motherhood is inexhaustibly hard, but its rewards know no bounds--love that is never ending.

Tepanyaki Dinner.

New scriptures, scripture bag and young women's ring from Nana.

Samantha, thank you for who you are, for all that you show me, and for being mine. I simply adore you.
Happy Birthday. I love you.


Bethie said...

Twelve reasons I love Samantha:
1. She was my first Foster child
2. She's little
3. She's a singer
4. She's a dancer
5. She's sassy
6. She can cry at will
7. She has a rumbly, rolling laugh that explodes out of her
8. She's amazing at game boy
9. She loves to read
10. She's her mom only littler
11. She makes me laugh so hard
12. She is a beautiful daughter of God and she loves Him

Madi said...

Sammie, I hate you! (not) I want your tickets! GIMMIE!!

Becky Leland said...

Lisa, LOVE the decorations! I remember when you were l2 - oh my I'm old!

Samantha - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - you are beautiful!

Love y'all!

Tana said...

My peach is not far behind. I love the 12 presents idea. Sooooo stealing that. You rock as a mom!

Simpson Family said...

Check the calendar, Samantha can not be 12 already! Such a fun time. Happy 12th Sam! Lisa, I am so grateful you are parenting ahead of me. Good luck to you, I'm silently watching and taking notes.

Suburban Hippie said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I love that little girl and her cute eye-rolling she spices thing up.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest Samantha on the planet!! We love you from all the way in Utah! I also love the look on Joan's face as she is looking at her at dinner- how perfectly sweet and wonderful! May this day be special for you all! And yes, it is unbelieveable how the time goes...I pray we will never forget all the dear moments.
Luv ya'll- Candy

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day Sam! Tell your mom to give you a juicy kiss from me! Love you girl!

Amy Bell said...

Can this be the same girl that caused a little stir in primary when she kissed Taylor?! Or did he kiss her! :) Hard to believe we have made it this far. Happy Birthday Samantha!