Monday, September 22, 2008

Let There Be Light

Do you see the temperature on my thermostat? 83 degrees!!! Do you know what that feels like when you add humidity!!!!! In-my-house. But, for the love of all things holy...the power came on this morning at 10:30 am. I fell to the ground and praised Jesus.

Last night I decided to take the electricity matters to a higher level. I prayed to Allah, Buddha, I prayed facing east, lit some incense and then a few candles with saints on the front. I figured that gave me good coverage. And presto chang-o, look what happened. Lights. Air conditioning. A refrigerator. A washing machine.

I have decided that I am having t-shirts made for everyone who lives in the greater Houston area. Each person will be required to print on their shirt how many days they went without power--or if you skipped town like a wuss. My shirt would read 10 days with a serious amount of !!!!!! And then I'm going to wear my shirt to Costco. If I see anyone that has a shirt on that reads, "2 days" or "8 hours", I think I just might have to stab them and shove them in my car. Then they are going to have to sit in there WITHOUT air conditioning for 8 more days. Its a good plan. I bet my neighbors will help me.

In a place like Houston, where it can get insanely hot, your electricity bill can also look insane ($250 is really good). But after these last 10 days, I'll never complain about our bill again...but, I am having shirts made.


Tana said...

I will wear one here for you. Maybe we could start a fund to help to afford the cost of air-conditioning. Like... houstonfostersneedairtoo.com. I like it.

Suburban Hippie said...

I only went 96 hours without (well more if you count the 5 hours it was out on Fri before the storm even hit) and it was during the cool spell... I didn't really complain though so you should only stab me once or twice. My brother is still without.

I went to Costco on Saturday and everyone there was really grumpy and rude.

the divine e said...

I will buy a shirt, to support the cause.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is who were the crazies that first settled in Houston before electricity and air conditioning? That's just not natural!

Andrew said...

So your saying if I want miracles, pray to all known gods. You just solved life's greatest mystery. I better start praying to get my test cancelled tomorrow! jk Glad to see you all survived in Foster fashion.

Amanda Holbrook said...

Lisa, yours may be my favorite blog to read! You crack me up!!!! So funny. Thanks for sharing your insights. I am happy to have you as my friend.