Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Cheer

This is my brother. He's funny and has lots of energy. This is a picture of him at his first dance recital. His daughter Kennedy dressed up just to come and watch him dance. She brought him flowers. That crazy boy is just a dancin' machine. He even lets people know that he met his wife in a modern dance class (she was attracted to his leg warmers I think).

Yesterday was his birthday, but I saved all of my wishes for today. He needs them today. He didn't need them yesterday. Today he is running, biking, swimming in an Iron Man. Whatever!?! Totally insane. He hopes it takes him ONLY 16 hours! Good glory, can you see why I had to save my birthday wishes until today! I'm doing all I can to channel good vibes his way so that he doesn't die. If only he had his leg warmers on, then I'd know he would be ok.

I love my brother for many reasons. The first is obvious, he is an amazing dancer. So dedicated to his profession. He is also a liberal who loves all football teams who wear red. The second reason is his 'dad-like' nature. He takes care of people. He takes great care of his family. He has taken care of me. About 14 yrs. ago, my life was in a bit of a pickle. Quite messy. Kirk was staying with me at the time. He took care of me. It's just who he is. I like him that way.

For today, in his honor, I've tried to do all the things that would make him proud: argue with the stupid people at church, yell at the TV while watching the 48th football game of the day, discuss politics for 37 min. straight, sing the Cougar Fight Song with tears in my eyes, answer the front door in just my underwear, offer a chicken sneeze here and there, and most importantly......dance.....with leg warmers.

Happy Birthday. Love You.


Becky Leland said...

Lisa, Your Mom told me about Kirk and the ironman stuff - why do they do this - does he want to have another birthday - I would die!

Love y'all!

Edwin and Rebecca said...

Such a great tribute to Kirk....makes us miss him even more.

Stacie Cooper said...

16 hours, are you serious! this tribute to Kirk brings back fond memories of that great guy!