Tuesday, April 1, 2008

True Friends

Our wonderful friends, the Powells, have stayed with us for the last 5 days. Its been an overabundance of fun. We need a vacation from ourselves...and our children.

When they arrived on Friday night, we opened the door and it felt like time stood still and we all still lived in Utah. True Friends. It felt like home.

I have realized many things over the last several days--True Friends know what your children are like, and they are still willing to come and stay with you. True Friends are fun to be with. True Friendship lasts forever, even when you live states apart.

As they drove away today, I again realized many things--since last July I have desperately missed my old home. But now I know that it is not the location, the city or the surroundings that I miss, it is my True Friends. Those people that were brought into my life because I lived in Draper, Utah. True Friends that I will cherish always.
I also miss my old life. The one that was easier. The one that held my dad. The one where I heard his voice everyday. Hanging out with the Powells reminded me of the life I lived before cancer arrived a year ago. As I looked at our friends, I could almost reach out and grab that old life. It wasn't a life that was easy, it was just easier than this. One that I wish I could have back, every day.

Surviving our challenges is a great test in this life. But maybe the greater test comes in how we survive when times are...easier. Trials make you realize what you are grateful for, but how often are we grateful for those same things when life is....easier. As life rises and falls, maybe the Lord wants us to learn to really SEE what we have been given. Especially when we are not forced to.

So today, I am grateful for True Friends.

The Crew

Sweet Baby Issac

The Wild Ones

Friends Forever

This is what happens to Wade when he is forced to spend money.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! We made the Blog. Wade will be thrilled with his picture.
It's always 100 times harder to leave than I think it's going to be. Josh cried all the way to the airport. We had such a wonderful time, Thanks soooooo much for the memories and we hope to add more soon!!
Love Fancy :)

Kevin said...

Very profound.

cindy said...

You have the wonderful ability to make me laugh and cry! Loved seeing the Fosters and the Powells--I miss you both! Just one thing missing...no picture of you and Nancy? Thanks for reminding me to appreciate my True Friends!