Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today is Todd's birthday--and our anniversary. Todd is now 'mid-40's', and we have been married for 13 years. It almost makes me giggle when I realize how old Todd is. A couple of weeks ago he was complaining that his back hurt, and he would hold onto it when he walked. I laughed so hard I almost suffocated. I think maybe he should start pricing out dentures. The teeth go first, and then hair grows in your ears.

I actually think I married way up, and that in heaven, he was the only one willing to promise to be with me for eternity. I've learned a lot from Todd in the last 13 years:
  • Bubble gum can bring you happiness.
  • I really shouldn't worry about all the stuff I worry about.
  • Most bad words are 'farm words', not swear words.
  • Giggling is an appropriate response in ANY situation.
  • Telling your wife that she looks like a chia-pet (right out of the shower), is showing love.
  • Wearing ties to work should be forbidden. Or, instead of wearing it, you can just carry it.
  • No one should ever be loud or yell--especially your spouse.
  • Forgetting half of what your spouse says to you can really simplify your life.
  • You can be raised on a dairy farm, and still grow up to shop at Banana Republic and wear Kenneth Cole shoes.
  • If asked to make a choice between family and A&W Rootbeer....Rootbeer wins every time.

I actually love this day. I love Todd. Even now, 13 years later, I am in awe that the Lord saved him just for me. Beyond a doubt, I know that he waited until he was 30...just for me, and I am so very grateful. The day we got married is my most cherished memory. I looked at him across the altar and simply couldn't believe I would get to be with him forever. He is more than my best friend. He is my sweetest treasure...even when he's annoying.

Happy Birthday and Anniversary Nescau.


The Kikuchi's said...

This is SO sweet! Towds is a cool guy I must admit. Maybe I just like him so much because he is just like me!

Happy Anniversary! I can't ever imagine the both of you without eachother!

Tana said...

That is wonderful that you got married on his birthday. He can never forget that anniversary. Great reasons for loving him too.

Bethie said...

Todd and Lisa went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Todd fell down and broke his crown and Lisa threw cake batter after.

Bethie said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy day to you both.Because you two got married we have the dearest friends of our lifes. It wouldn't work with out the both of you.

The Kikuchi's said...

Because it is too late to call you- I HATE our time difference, I have 2 things before I forget.

1. I ADORE the fact that you left so many comments on my blog! Again all it took is a little nagging! Thanks!

2. On my blog, side bar, under scrapbook blogs, blue cricket. WAY cute hair clips that are right up your alley!

Dawn said...

I will now always remember your Anniversary and Todd's birthday because April 8th is also Luke's birthday. However, don't hold me to sending a card. Just know that I will be thinking of you and Todd every April 8th! Congratulations! Love your blog. Can I just copy it and insert my name where applicable? I miss your lovely sense of humor and our girl's nights.