Friday, April 18, 2008


Last night, I announced we were having a contest. A cookie eating contest. "Let's just see who can eat the most." I knew I'd win, without hesitation. There are just some things in life that you know without a doubt. Winning a cookie eating contest is one of them. Todd just rolled his eyes and looked at me like I was a moron.

Now, these cookies are sumptuous. Seriously (I'm posting the recipe below-I don't take credit, I copied it from a friend). I make these so often I could honestly make them with my eyes closed. Warm out of the oven....ready for a contest.

Some family members did not present their best effort. Addie ate half a cookie. Todd ate 3. I ate 9. I'm the winner! I did a cheer for myself. And yes, I honestly ate 9.

The scriptures talk often about spiritual gifts and talents. I have a few of them, but one of my best, is dessert eating. If you've ever eaten dessert with me, you know this is true. And like all talents, it takes practice to perfect. Thus...9 cookies. I am anything if not hard working.

I'm thinking of making the cookie eating contest a tradition. Fond memories for the future. Do you remember when you got the top score in Pac Man and you could enter your initials alongside your score? Maybe I should set up something like that. It will give everyone a visual reminder to work harder.

My philosophy is--the bigger the dessert you eat, the happier you are. Who knows, maybe tonight I'll try for 10!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!

1 stick of Butter Crisco
3/4 C. dark brown sugar
3/4 C. sugar
2 eggs
1 t. salt
1 t. baking soda
2 t. vanilla
2 1/4 C. flour
1 C. chocolate chips

Bake at 400 degrees for 7 minutes. Let cool on the tray. Have a contest.


Kerri said...

Might have to start a new tradition in the Leland house!

The Kikuchi's said...

It is not fair that you are the skinny sister!

Tana said...

I think we should have an annual competition. Every year, we could meet at someone else's home and have a trophy and everything.

cindy said...

I will never, ever allow my children to read your blog...simply because they will be so sad that their mom is so lame and the Foster's mom is so incredibly cool!!!

Edwin and Rebecca said...

I still giggle thinking about the time we were at the Houstonian and I was sitting by you and asked if I could have a bite of your carrot cake. You gave me the most serious look and said, "I don't share desserts" It was NOT something open for discussion. I ordered my own dessert and carefully glanced at yours once.


Rachelle said...

I made these cookies, and they were delicious. I say "were" because they only lasted about 6 hours before they were gone. And unfortunately I ate most of them myself. So thanks for the weekend weight gain!!